Peet's Coffee Celebrates 2019 National Coffee Day With OnePoll Survey Uncovering United States Coffee-Drinking Habits

Sept. 19, 2019

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of 2019 National Coffee Day on September 29, Peet's Coffee®, The Original Craft Coffee®, commissioned a survey of 2,000 respondents in collaboration with OnePoll to understand taste preferences and coffee-drinking habits of Americans. The specialty coffee brand also proudly announces several exclusive coffeebar and online offers tied to the annual holiday.

Coffee Lovers Value Fresh Beans and Predominately Favor Latin American Growing RegionsWhen surveyed about beans, coffee lovers prized freshness first (52 percent), followed by caffeine (41 percent), and taste profile (40 percent). As the quality pioneer since 1966, Peet's has always prioritized freshness, as freshly roasted beans provide a richer, more flavorful cup. Peet's goes to great lengths to ensure freshness—roasting by hand, immediately delivering freshly roasted beans to grocery store shelves, and prominently listing roast dates on each bag.

The OnePoll survey also uncovered that the following coffee growing regions topped Americans' list:

  • Colombia (36 percent)
  • Brazil (32 percent)
  • Costa Rica (23 percent)
  • Ethiopia (17 percent)
  • Guatemala (12 percent)
  • Hawaii (11 percent)

Peet's invites coffee lovers eager to explore the unique, nuanced flavors of leading regions to try the brand's newly established Single-Origin coffee line featuring beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and more.

"With each sip of a Peet's single-origin coffee, you enjoy a true expression of a specific place," said Doug Welsh, Roastmaster, Peet's Coffee. "These coffees are born of long-standing farmer relationships bearing the highest-quality beans. Savoring a Peet's single-origin completes that special connection, inviting you into the environs of Costa Rica, the mountains of Guatemala, and the flavors of these distinct terroirs."

Younger Coffee Connoisseurs Prioritize Beans Sourced Responsibly

The survey demonstrated that 83 percent of respondents self-identifying as coffee connoisseurs—comprised mainly of Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X (together ages 18 to 54)—spend time researching if the beans they purchase are grown and sourced ethically. A reported 86 percent of self-identified coffee connoisseurs are also likely to research if beans meet environmental and sustainability standards. Peet's shares this desire for transparency in its supply chain.

"The pursuit of better coffee is at the core of Peet's, and a better life for coffee farmers is at the core of that," said Doug Welsh. "We invest where the tree meets the ground with improved transparency from Enveritas, climate-resilient varieties from World Coffee Research, and training from TechnoServe, our non-profit partners in cultivating farmer profitability."

2019 National Coffee Day Promotions

Through the survey, Peet's learned that millennial coffee connoisseurs are willing to travel an average of three miles for a good cup of coffee. No matter how far consumers drive on National Coffee Day, Peet's will reward all coffee lovers with 25 percent off all beans at participating Peet's coffeebars. For bean purchases made at, fans can enjoy 25 percent off all regular, non-subscription, using promo code COFFEEDAY19. The offers are valid from 9/27 – 9/29/2019.

To find a Peet's coffeebar near you: Look for more OnePoll survey results releasing on September 23, 2019.

About Peet's Coffee:

Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966 by Alfred Peet, the "Big Bang of coffee," Peet's Coffee® introduced an artisan movement by sourcing the world's best beans, hand-roasting in small batches, and crafting beverages by hand. With rich, complex, superior quality roasts unlike anything Americans ever tasted before, Peet's influenced generations of coffee entrepreneurs and connoisseurs. Today, Peet's is uncompromisingly dedicated to its founding tenets and asserts a strict standard of freshness, ensuring optimum flavor with a team that personally vets the beans and ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee available at 15,000 grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Peet's operates from the first LEED® Gold certified roastery in the United States and grows its business through retail, grocery, on-premise, and e-commerce channels. For more information, visit Stay connected to Peet's: @peetscoffee on Twitter and Instagram and