SF Bay Coffee Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Rebrand

Sept. 10, 2019

LINCOLN, Calif., Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SF Bay Coffee (formerly known as San Francisco Bay Coffee) is celebrating their 40th year in business. To honor this anniversary, the family-owned and -operated company re-designed their logo, packaging, website, and all social media platforms.

New Logo, Same Mission

Starting in 1979 as Coffee and Tea Limited, Jon and Barbara Rogers established Rogers' Family Company. Since then, the company name and logo has changed, but their mission to roast rich, flavorful coffee has remained the same. While providing quality coffee to their customers is still at the forefront of their priorities, the brand ethos has evolved. The rebrand marks their re-commitment to progression in coffee farming and production by practicing innovation and sustainability, offering fair trade to farmers, and minimizing waste in the industry.

The Four Pillars

With guidance from the company's four pillars, SF Bay Coffee is revolutionizing the coffee industry while giving the world a more sustainable future and positively impacting the farmers they work with. With their new packaging, the coffee company is ready to share their pillars with the world. These pillars include:

  1. Pay the farmers above the cost of production
  2. Improve the quality and quantity of the coffee produced
  3. Improve the social conditions of the farm
  4. Improve the social conditions of the community

By implementing these pillars into their everyday practices, SF Bay Coffee has been able to build 1,175 housing complexes, 63 schools, and over a dozen medical centers in their farmers' communities. The modernized logo represent the innovation of the company, while the new packaging displays the company ethos.

An Exciting Future

Laura Rogers-Hackford, Marketing Director and third-generation family member explains, "Our overall brand identity represents our unwavering family values and commitment to growing the best coffee. As we reveal our new and improved look and feel, we also are re-confirming our commitment to breaking rules, being green and enhancing the lives of our farmers and customers."

SF Bay Coffee is excited to share their new look with the world, as well as introduce new and innovative projects coming soon. The rebrand is just the beginning. For more information, visit www.sfbaycoffee.com.



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