ICO Reports Record Exports For Coffee Year 2016/17

Nov. 14, 2017

The International Coffee Organization has released its October report, covering the previous month and exports for the year. It states: 

Total exports in September 2017 reached 8.34 million bags, compared to 9.8 million in September 2016. While coffee year 2016/17 registered a decrease in its final month, total exports reached a record 122.45 million bags, 4.8% greater than the 116.89 million bags shipped in coffee year 2015/16. Exports of Colombian Milds grew by 8% to 14.66 million bags, Other Milds by 15.6% to 27.02 million bags, and Brazilian Naturals by 2.6% to 35.84 million bags while Robusta shipments remained stable, amounting to 44.93 million bags. Global coffee production in crop year 2016/17 has been revised upwards to 157.44 million bags, a 3.4% increase on 2015/16, due largely to the increase in production for Honduras. The ICO composite indicator continued its downward trend, averaging 120.01 US cents/lb in October 2017, which is the lowest level since May 2016 when it averaged 119.91 US cents/lb. 

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