De Jong Duke introduces Lua and Avy bean-to-cup brewers

Jan. 21, 2022

De Jong Duke's newest bean-to-cup commercial-grade coffee brewers boast enhanced user interfaces. Lua and Avy brewers began shipping in December.

Both models are designed with De Jong Duke's durable CoEx XL coffee brewing systems.

The Lua is equipped with an 18" touchscreen, and a glass overlay covers the entire front of the machine. The intuitive interface with large icons, clear text and attractive product images makes it easy to select a beverage.

The Lua is available with two bean canisters, with their own grinders, so two different coffees can be programmed and used to brew traditional coffee, espresso or cappuccino. Stylish lighting effects indicate where users should place their cup and sensors make sure the machine is safe to use.

Lua also has a drip tray with a magnetic mounting strip that keeps it in place, or allows it to be easily removed.

The manufacturer has not yet published specifications for Avy, but said the machine won a 2021 Good Industrial Design award.

Lua and Avy will be on display at coffee and vending trade shows throughout North America in 2022.

De Jong Duke is a Dutch, family-owned company. Its ConnectMe IoT option enables customers to manage and monitor coffee machines in office environments and coffee shops remotely.