VE South Offers New Line Of Coffee Condiment Dispensers

March 8, 2013

Perfect Servings, a new coffee condiment dispenser is now available from VE South.

“It’s one of those items that makes you say “why didn’t I invent this?” said Joe Gilbert, a veteran of the coffee and vending business and general manager of Fort Lauderdale based VE South, in a prepared statement.

The Perfect Servings coffee condiment dispenser features include:

- Easy, one-button operation

- Keeps coffee area clean

- Controls pilferage

- Savings with every serving

- Easy to refill

- Saves billions of packets from land fills

- Attractive, customizable machine

“We sell the full array of sugar options; sweetener substitutes in pink, blue or yellow as well as real sugar and a plain creamer product too. A custom logo can be put on the machine’s face and we will do that at no charge,” Gilbert added. “To accommodate either a 4 or 5 button option, we offer two machine sizes and both are available in our warehouse now; a 4 button option which is 12 ½ inches high x 8 inches wide x 10 inches deep and a slightly larger machine that is 19 ¾ inches high x 12 ½ inches wide x 11 ½ inches deep offers a 5 button option.”