Cafection Revolutionizes Automated Coffee Brewing With Internet-Connected Touchscreen Coffee Maker

Sept. 6, 2012

Cafection Inc. announced the launch of two interactive and Internet-connected automated fresh coffee dispensers: the Cafection Innovation Series Total 1 and Total Lite bean to cup coffee brewers. The new technology enhances the automated coffee brewing experience as coffee lovers can now enjoy customized interactive content while their hot beverage is prepared.

The Innovation Series promises to revolutionize the automated coffee machine industry as the technology and remote management software were designed to increase operators’ net margins by at least 66 percent and reduce maintenance and service costs by 60 percent.

Aside from providing consumers with a good coffee brewing experience, The Total 1 and Total Lite also contribute to global sustainability efforts. Using only biodegradable supplies, Cafection’s full line of coffee brewers help organizations reach their sustainability objectives by effectively reducing the enormous amounts of waste currently produced by coffee consumption.

"It’s a coffee maker, a communications center, a remote management system, and a sustainability catalyst all in one," said Frank Baron, president of Cafection Inc. in a prepared statement, “We’ve turned the 30-40 seconds it takes for fresh coffee to be brewed into a feature for both consumers and operators that’s completely customizable based on the location of the coffee brewer.”

The Cafection Innovation Series touchscreen allows for easy coffee selection and has the capacity to display internal news, personalized videos, and virtually any other kind of interactive content while the coffee is being brewed. Offices and hotels can also customize the content for their environment to effectively communicate any message.

“The Innovation Series is revolutionary for consumers. Not only does it allow them to choose from over 100 combinations of hot beverages, including fresh lattes, at the touch of a finger,” said Denis Maillé, Cafection’s SVP and COO, “but it’s also revolutionary for our partners who can offer their partners a unique coffee experience system that can be managed remotely to diagnose the machines, as well as track sales and inventories.”


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