NAMA Expo Equipment Report

Jan. 1, 2005
Food services equipment, vending machines, security products and other new equipment from the Expo

Absolute Coffee Co.
Single-cup brewers with stylish, compact design automatically brew whole bean coffee and comes with soluble canisters, payment and accounting options. Call 215-526-2201;

America Vendors Inc./Rheavendors
The Cino Special Edition is a countertop, single-cup machine that dispenses whole bean coffee in 25 seconds. Options include a coin kit/acceptor, card reader and water filter.

The tuttoespresso T machine is a countertop pod system with a design that draws from the 1950s comic books.

A new all-soluble Nescafe mini is a branded, downsized unit with six selections and three hoppers; parts are interchangeable with the Nescafe Lionness H6. Call 305-513-9151;

The Cafejo personal brewers utilize AquaBrew's patented, pressurized water infusing to ensure perfect extraction of flavors. The unit includes: a pod automatic ejection; positive displacement pump; plumbed-in automatic; bin full indicator; preinfusion tea selection; 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit adjustable temperature; volumetric brew method; leak detection shut-off; and hot water spigot. The units are 16 by 9.75 by 17 inches. Call 800-888-BREW;

BevStar Inc.
The SuperCooler high-capacity option adds capacity to the standard carbonated and non-carbonated point-of-use dispensers. The option provides unlimited cooling capacity and the ability to upgrade to a 1-gallon bag-in-the-box.

The BevCafe is a liquid coffee dispenser that serves 6- to 10-ounce portions using a 30: 1 mix ratio on a variety of coffees. The Hot & Cool liquid chocolate dispenser pours 30 drinks at 6 ounces each. Call 877-238-7827;

Bodecker is a portion-controlled, single-cup system that utilizes a filter medium that allows essential oils and flavors to flow through to the cup. Bodecker utilizes a careful blending of fibers and nonabsorbent materials to form a filter medium that allows the oils and soluble solids to be extracted from the coffee and delivered directly to the cup, duplicating many of the characteristics of the espresso machine and the French press. Call 877-293-3330;

Bunn Corp.
The My Caf' automatic commercial grade pod brewer brews coffee in about 30 seconds. The stainless steel heating tank uses a thermostat to hold water at the perfect ready-to-brew temperature. It brews 4 to 12 ounces of coffee or tea to preferred strength by adjusting the portion and volume control. A drawer-style pod holder keeps hands clean and dry at all times. A reservoir holds 46 ounces of water. Dimensions: 13.6 by 7.9 by 10.5 inches. Call 800-637-8606;

Cafection Enterprises Inc.
The Avalon La Petite-X is a single-cup machine that brews three whole bean selections. Features include: bottled water pump; condiment and cup dispensers; adjustable brew settings and product volume; multiple pricing; meter for tracking beverages dispensed or vended. Call 800-561-6162;

De Jong Duke
The single-cup Essence machine delivers up to 32 selections in 6- to 12-ounce portion sizes in five to 40 seconds, depending on the selection. It can serve whole bean and/or fresh ground and/or instant selections. Options include base cabinet, table base for large jugs, secretary key, jug facility, back illuminated front, branding, cold water selection, cup mechanism, cup sensor, MDB coin mech, and mechanical counter. Call 31-184-496767;

G. Rossi S.p.A.
The Robopod is a pod brewer with two selections, coffee and hot water, and has automatic pod discharge and a water main connection. Call 39-0131-887067;

Grindmaster Corp.
The Precision Brew' commercial single-cup pod brewer features adjustable brew strength control, allowing users to fine-tune their flavor preferences. Features include automatic water shut-off, programmable cup size, and a dual water system; the brewer can be plumbed into a water line or manually filled. Call 502-425-4776;

Holiday House Distributing
Single-cup pod and Keurig' product racks include all-metal and plastic racks, adjustable to all box heights. In addition, SmartValve is a device that detects leaks and automatically shuts off water to coffee brewers, water coolers, ice machines, and any plumbed-in water dispenser. Call 800-443-4318;

Keurig Inc.
The new B100-P plumbed brewer builds on the success of the B100 pourover small office brewer. It can be used either plumbed or pourover. The brewer automatically refills when the water reservoir is empty, or after one hour of nonuse. The brewer is designed for offices with 30 or fewer employees who want plumbed single-cup. It brews all K-Cup varieties. Dimensions: 15 by 17 by 8 inches. Call 781-928-0162;

Lavazza Premium Coffees Corp.
Lavazza introduces a series of brewers under the Lavazza Blue line that serve the Lavazza Blue espresso capsules. The "Zenith" is 85 cm wide by 183 cm tall by 78 cm wide and can dispense espresso in capsules, coffee beans, soluble beverages, along with sugar, cups, stirrers, and has a plain or carbonated refrigerating unit for powders or syrups. It can be connected to a GSM modem for remote management. The "Colibri" is an 8-select, semi-automatic unit that dispenses espresso in capsule, two soluble beverages, sugar and hot water. It is mounted on a cabin supplied by Necta Vending. The LB2000 is a countertop unit that loads capsules from the front and can be connected to water lines. The LB 1000 is designed for the home and small offices and automatically ejects used capsules. Call 212-725-8800;

N & W Global Vending/Necta
The GranMattino prepares espresso, instant and fresh brew beverages. The different coffee modules are interchangeable, even when equipment is already in use. It serves 16-, 20- and 24-ounce drinks and has a 9-selection menu, live display bean hopper, and a stainless steel institutional look. The unit is sold in the U.S. by Vendors Exchange International Inc. Call 800-321-2311;

Newco Enterprises Inc.
The Smart Cup pod brewing system includes cassettes that are designed to hold pods. Each cassette is assigned a different type of beverage. Customers can choose the strength by pushing a button that regulates the volume. The ergonomic cassette is a sealed, pressurized brew changer with a built-in sprayhead and brew basket features. The stand-alone brewer has the modular convertibility to brew into thermal containers. An LED display walks the user through the process one step at a time. The Gevalia' Single Cup Brewer brews Gevalia' and Kenco' coffee cartridges one cup at a time. Once inserted, hot water flows through the cartridge via micro channels, passing over the product to deliver the drink in seconds. Dimensions: 14 by 18.5 by 17 inches. Call 636-925-1202.

The Juno is a pod system with three strength options and two additional buttons for tea and hot water. The machine will correct pods that are not inserted properly, utilizing a piston that seals the pod into the holder. The machine can handle a 7- to 12-gram pod and up to a 12-ounce coffee cup. The machine is available in the U.S. through Vendors Exchange International Inc. Call 800-321-2311;

Vendors Exchange International Inc.
The Tana water dispenser is an electronic water dispenser with quick change filter, digital controls, UV light that can dispense hot water, cold water, and variable temperature water. Call 800-321-2311;

The Horizon automatic, low-profile, airpot dispenser provides under 18 inches height to fit under most cabinets. It features an easy-to-use electronic touch pad with pulse brewing capability. Call 888-356-5362;


American Changer Corp.
The battery-operated dollar bill change machine needs no power cords and uses a 12-volt recharageable battery. It handles approximately 500 vends and has a 320 quarter token capacity. Call 800-741-9840;

Cashcode Co. Inc.
The Bill-to-Bill' currency management system is a fully integrated, high-security, front-loading system that utilizes advanced bill recycling technology for cash and cashless transactions. It precisely validates, recycles, dispenses and bundles cash; breaks bills for change; and processes smart card transactions, all in one consolidated unit. Each of the three recycling cassettes can be programmed to accept any bill denomination or currency, storing up to 120 bills, and can be programmed for escrow function. The BackLoad SM bill validator is designed to provide maximum authentic currency validation. Multicolor optic sensors simultaneously scan both sides of the bill for optimal pattern recognition. This patented, noncontact inductive sensor maximizes counterfeit detection, and a scientifically developed dietectric sensor detects paper density, security threads and watermarks. Call 800-584-2633;

The CF-200 Banknote Counter is an intelligent friction type banknote counter that provides accurate counting at a high speed and can detect sophisticated counterfeits. Call 305-593-0807;

Global Payment Technologies Inc.
The Aurora currency validator has several new features: beltless for increased low temperature efficiency; "O" rings to drive rollers for increased torque; low power consumption of 5 milliamps at stand by; front sensor wake-up feature; optional bezel with dust cover; a choice of 200, 400, 600 or 1,000 bill stackers; and a front removable stacker version. Call 631-231-1177;

Hamilton Manufacturing Corp.
The 2000V Changer holds up to 8,000 quarters in one hopper. Features include a 4-point high-security locking mechanism. Dimensions: 18 by 34 by 13.25 inches. Call 888-723-4858;

JCM American Corp.
JCM's "Triton" recycling unit was developed after the company recognized that an unsolved problem with vending machines is the way they run out of change and reduce the machine's possibility for transactions. JCM's Triton was designed to make use of space already available inside a vending machine without requiring additional space or getting in the way of internal operation or storage. Studies have shown that only about 5 percent of machines in use today are not compatible with the Triton. Current control boards in MDB are deliberately designed to not allow bill and coin returns, but the Triton works with the MDB to allow virtually any unit to recycle notes. What's more, the Triton was designed for easy "plug and play" installation, and this design technology has since been patented. Test results showed big increases in revenue on each machine where the unit's multivend feature was enabled and a Triton recycler was installed. Customer interviews showed a high level of customer satisfaction, with the most common comment being customers' liking the convenience of being able to use either a $1 or a $5 note, whichever they had on hand at the time and whichever was most convenient for them to use. Call 702-651-0000;

Standard Change-Makers Inc.
The MCM/100 modular mini series changers are a countertop solution and can also rest on a vending base. The changers have a steel cabinet with a hinged top lid. The face swings down for the full hopper dump. One hopper holds 1,600 quarters ($400). Options include: MDB; bill validator; vending base; stackerless bill validator; and token graphics. Call 800-968-6955;


All State Manufacturing
The OCS stand features a cabinet to create a coffee house atmosphere and contemporary graphics, cup dispensers, waste receptacles and is made of heavy gauge steel. Call 800-274-2428;

Axis Designs
Breakroom and cafeteria furnishings; salad bar; food shield; steam table; vending machine enclosures; and condiment stands. Call 630-466-4549;

C. Robert Hutchinson Co.
Customized break area designs and treatments, machine fronts, condiment stands, trash units and coffee stands. Call 804-561-4844;

Preferred Packaging Inc.
Salad bowl divided insert tray and dome lid keeps salad ingredients separated to prevent flavor migration and product deterioration. The dome lid snaps off with a pull on the side tab. Call 800-406-0038;

Proex Inc.
The Sure-Pak semi-automatic heat seal machine is built of high- quality stainless steel and components. The model handles any standard sealing film, regardless of core diameter. All component parts are readily available in North America. Call 800-369-4199;

Stone House Marketing
The Fridge Guard' humidity control system extracts moisture and odors from air, providing consistent humidity. It extends
product shelf life, improves food safety, and saves energy. Call 614-523-1526;

Zebra Technologies
Bar code label, receipt and card printers; RFID smart label printer/encoders; mobile and wireless printers; and printer connectivity and networking solutions. Call 800-622-4055;


Crane Streamware
DataMAX organizes and analyzes data for improved decision making. Using online analytical processing technology, DataMAX helps clients make better use of the enormous volume of data stored in VendMAX. Multibranch operators particularly benefit from DataMAX's data analysis capacity. DataMAX provides large operators with the quickest path from top-level data like shrinkage and profits down to the machines, products and people that impact their business. Call 1-800-4-STREAM;

Digivend Systems Inc.
DigiVend is a website-based remote monitoring system. It provides wireless communication between operator and vending machine through desktop computer, handheld computer or cellular phone. The DIS-223 device is simply plugged into the DEX port. The device sends reports via e-mail. It can monitor up to four machines at a single location. There is no software needed. Call 877-3DIGIVEND;

IRM Corp.
Compass Forecast System is an easy-to-use, portable forecasting and budgeting solution. It allows managers to collaborate with the field sales force to develop periodic operating plans and production forecasts. It integrates with IRM's Sales Discovery System. The system interface allows the field sales force to make changes to their forecasts in minutes from any location. Call 800-533-2312;

InOne Technology LLC
The DEXmate' DEX installation and management tool is a pocket PC that programs audit boxes and OEM control boards for DEX initialization. DEX data is displayed on the screen after each read for DEX verification, and there is an option to view the actual DEX file. DEXmate' runs on a Pocket PC devices from Symbol, Intermec and others. It employs a DEX download cable specific to each manufacturer. Call 800-426-1487;

MEI has improved its vending management software capabilities with the launch of MEI Easitrax V3.2. Such enhancements include the ability to manage invoices and payments on handhelds; an optional add-on module to integrate SQL server into other applications and utilize standard report writers; a module to integrate Microsoft' Excel for improved analysis and reporting; as well as easy-to-use, drill-down capabilities and navigation buttons. Once MEI Easitrax V3.2 is installed on the back-end server and on the handheld, handhelds can be upgraded independently of the back-end software. Call 800-345-8215;

Metretek Inc.
The InvisiConnect' converts data acquisition systems for use on cellular Internet service. The solution comprises software and remote digital cellular hardware. The system is simple to set up and requires no database. The software can run as a service on Windows' 32bit operating systems. No application software, protocol or data structure conversions are needed. Call 321-259-9700;

National Datacomputer Inc.
RouteRider LE' offers a mobile route accounting solution to track operations more efficiently while increasing sales and reducing costs. Featuring full-color, easy-to-use graphical user interface, it allows field sales reps to spend more time selling and serving customers by automating the ordering and accounting functions. It can communicate via cellular and wireless communication. Call 978-663-7677;


Cantaloupe Systems
SEED's CBUS is an expansion port that allows the customer to connect peripherals to their existing SEED unit.'Once there is two-way communication with the vending machine, it can be used for more than remote monitoring, including a card reader. Call 925-362-4824;

The card revalue station allows a debit or credit card to be revalued. The Ingenico state-of-the-art terminal is about the size of a desktop calculator. Also: a smart card reader. Call 800-332-4835;

eSecure Peripherals Inc.
The ecTouch is a cashless payment terminal designed to sell at the same price as a coin mech or bill validator. It uses the iButton used on the CK2000 as a stored value payment media. Users can recharge their iButtons on the vending machine or an ecash station. Using ecTouch with a group of CK2000s, an operator can offer payroll deduction, cash register interfaces and data collection. Call 450-443-9894;

ITC Systems
The Multiplan is a real time, online debit, credit meal plan that uses transaction management software. It resides on a PC that communicates over TCP/IP with cash registers, vending machines or POS terminals. Terminals are equipped with a magnetic swipe or bar code card reader that reads patrons' cards, accesses information and approves transactions. Netlink POS terminals are cashier-operated devices that allow patrons to add or subtract value from established accounts residing in the Multiplan database. Call 800-263-0208.;

MEI has a total cash and credit vending solution that includes the MEI Series 2000 combo acceptor, MEI Easitrax' remote data port, and USA Technologies' financial services. The solution gives consumers a choice of payment method: cash, debit and credit cards and MEI coupons, increasing their satisfaction with the vending experience.

The MEI Series 2000 combo acceptor consists of the MEI Series 2000 bill acceptor integrated with a debris-resistant, swipe-style credit card reader. The combo acceptor combines traditional bill acceptance with the ability to accept credit and debit cards in a single, integrated unit.

The addition of the remote data port enables card transactions, collects DEX data, and can link up to 32 vending machines, managing transactions in varying vending environments through an efficient wireless communication network. The combination with MEI Easitrax software can enable remote monitoring and curbside polling.

MEI also launched an expanded coupon program designed to increase machine transactions, volume and cross-selling
opportunities. The seven newly redesigned generic coupons offer operators a way to maximize sales and increase customer loyalty. Call 800-345-8215;

A complete line of electronic cashless payment systems for vending. The Mcombi5 compact reader system has an integrated communication antenna and accepts the proprietary Mifare U-Key and Mifare cards. All coin acceptors and changers can be integrated. The MINItill5 system consists of a reader terminal, a keyboard, an optional display screen and a receipt printer. Call 41-62-388-4545;

PK2 is an advanced, stand-alone electronic key reader fully compatible with the Paykey system. A small electronic board is located behind the front panel and is separated from the PKey reader. The PK2 is capable of reading and writing data on a contactless Paykey while allowing dialogue with the vending machine, according to the MDB standard. Using this port, the operator can retrieve all DEX data. The operator can use a Palm to retrieve DEX data or set up PK2 without opening the front panel. Call 864-527-4408;

Transaction Network Services Inc.
Synapse Vending by TNS is a market-ready, cashless vending solution that is exclusive for Pepsi bottlers. A combination card reader/dollar bill validator slips into new and legacy machines with ease. There is no need to hardwire, thanks to wireless transmission. The solution includes hardware, communication services, card processing, settlement reporting, and Internet-based reporting. There is no back office hardware or software required. Call 314-727-4740;

USA Technologies Inc.
The G5 e-Port is believed to be the world's first "one-piece" design for implementation of cashless vending. It can be installed into a vending machine in five minutes or less. It also comes with wireless connectivity, instantly enabling a vending location to accept credit/debit card transactions. As with earlier versions of the e-Port device, IBM will host USALive', the company's transaction processing and data network. With USALive Online', USA Technologies' customers have real-time, Web-based access to sales (cash and credit), inventory and maintenance data from their vending machines. Call 800-633-0340;

The contactless system offers a modularity concept that enables the system to be configured to meet a customer's specific needs. The reader module is configured for use with either a key only or a key and card. The programming can be done with a palmtop, a handheld programmer, or a special data key. Collected data can be viewed or printed with a PC interface. The key or card stores the credit available to the user for purchases. Keys can be recredited directly from the vending machine, from a wall-mounted key charger, from a tabletop/portable key charger, or with a red recharge key. The system is available in the U.S. from Vendors Exchange International Inc. Call 800-321-2311;


Dixie Narco Inc.
Retrofit trays make the BevMax glassfront machine a combination snack and beverage merchandiser. The conversion is made possible by a five-motor snack tray, a new master harness and e-prom. Also: an ice cream machine bunker cooler. Call 803-266-5000;

Everpure Inc.
The redesigned 4H limescale inhibitor feed uses a powdered formula for a more even feed with dramatic scale reduction. It reduces limescale build-up that can cause excessive machine downtime and increased maintenance costs. The unit reduces chlorine and other tastes and odors, and reduces extra fine dirt and particles. The sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean. It does not remove fluoride.

The EFS5002-K replacement filter for Cuno' OCS and POU water cooler applications is a carbon block filter that reduces chlorine and other tastes and odors. The 2CB-GW carbon block filter is specially designed for single-cup machines. It reduces chlorine and other off tastes and odors. Call 800-323-7873;

Guardian Electric Manufacturing Co.
Solenoid spring kits contain a selection of springs as well as a customized plunger. The plunger is designed to protect the spring inside the solenoid, extending the life of both the solenoid and spring. Every model of the frame, tubular, long life tubular and push tubular solenoid families have spring kits available through authorized dealers. Call 815-334-3600;

InOne Technology LLC
The DEXMate' VMC replacement controller replaces the existing controller with a new one that can communicate with both the mechanical motors and the MDB coin mech, bill acceptor, card reader or other MDB system. The controller tracks the data from the MDB peripherals and stores it in DEX format and also provides free vend tracking and space to sales mapping. Call 800-426-1487;

Lutech Inc.
The LU-250 MDB conversion kit can convert any 12- or 15-pin micro-mech to MDB capability. A Rowe 448 replacement board includes a beeper, MDB or logic mech, dollar-coin payout (if MDB), bill validator support with 5-dollar-bill acceptance and escrow. Call 800-458-8661;

MEI expanded coupon program; see MEI under cashless systems.

SEM Inc.
The CTB Vending Tester Pro can perform preliminary troubleshooting, repair and sales simulation. New features include an MDB level selector, an MDB status button and improved tuning mode, in addition to being able to test many cashless systems. Call 514-334-7569;

USA Technologies Inc.
The new lower cost Generation 5 e-Port' was developed together with ZiLOG Inc, as well as the new "e-Port on a chip" incorporated in ZiLOG's award winning eZ80Acclaim!' family of flash microcontrollers (MCU's).

The VendingMiser' VM2IQ' is a new energy management device with the capability of accelerating higher sales of the company's energy management solutions within the global vending industry. The VM2IQ is designed to reduce energy consumption in vending machines by one-third, and because it's smaller, it will be offered for less cost. It can be installed quickly and easily into existing refrigerated vending machines to produce immediate savings. The VM2IQ comes with additional features, including technology that keeps the marketing lights on, allowing vending machine operators to continue merchandising their products while reducing energy consumption. Call 800-633-0340;

U-Select-It Corp.
The iVend vend sensing system allows equipment to keep providing customers with products without hang-ups. It is an infrared light sensing unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver mounted on each side of the delivery box. During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by a beam of the system, the system waits one second, then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed and dropped. If a product is still not sensed as dropped after a full rotation to the home position, the selection will be considered empty or sold out. The customer's credit is restored and will allow another selection. Call (515) 277-5397;


Camlock Systems Inc.
12-gauge Octagon has an eight-sided keyway. Call 847-299-8830;

Cantaloupe Systems Inc.
The Icon Enclosure connects to the Cantaloupe SEED device and gives the user the ability to remotely open and close security enclosures and to set schedules for such enclosures over the Web.'The system is attractive to vendors who operate at schools and have had trouble with the schools not opening and closing enclosures at the right times.'This will also allow the operator to stray from their standard schedule if, say, there is a football game or a dance.'Call 925-362-4824;

Sycamore Systems LLC
The Lyon' Cage features a modular design that allows additional stalls to be added at a fraction of the single cage cost. The cage is made of a wire mesh that maintains graphics visibility. There are interchangeable components, an adaptable door to fit most styles of machines, and many locking options. Call 800-541-5088;

Van Lock Co. Inc.
The Defend-A-Vend Security Surrounds are built to withstand attacks and at the same time enhance the visual appeal of the machine. Each custom-made unit is designed around a self-contained locking mechanism.
The Force 4000 puck lock can replace traditional padlocks. There is no exposed shackle. It is made from solid steel and has a flat face and hardened keyway. Call 800-878-1826;


Automated Merchandising Systems Inc.
The Outsider is available in both snack and Visi-Combo 39-inch-wide models, offering a choice of non-perishable items. It features heavy-gauge steel vandal panels and has a new lock cover made of heavy gauge steel, and triple-pane heated glass protected by a layer of durable polycarbonate. Call 304-725-6921;

Crane Merchandising Systems
The RefreshmentCenter 1 offers a full-size equipment solution for smaller work sites. The glassfront, spiral-driven, temperature-controlled machine provides the ability to vend bottled beverages, fresh food, snack and candy items from a single machine. An optional zone divider can accommodate temperature requirements of varied product.

The HotDrinkCenter 2 can serve up to 20-ounce cups with greater extraction, more total dissolved solids, and more flavor than other brewing processes. Unique to the Full-Brew is pre-infusion of coffee and water before delivery to the brew barrel. Full-Brew is not limited by a pressurized brew chamber. Instead, a peristaltic pump draws coffee through the grounds bed, providing the ability to fully brew up to 20-ounce beverages. Call 800-325-8811;

The hot food machine cooks food in 20 to 70 seconds, and vend time is one minute and 10 seconds. It serves up a 7-ounce snack or light meal. All food is stored frozen and served in a serving plate. The machine has an ATM style menu selection screen, offering nutrition information on all food. The machine also communicates with a Web-based database to track operations and enable performance reporting. Call 61-2-4324-9306;

Motorola Mobile Express, a Motorola vending machine, vends cellular phone accessories, including NFL and NCAA team logoed cell phone accessories. For information, call Torridon Vending Services, 315-671-0214, ext. 23.

Protel Inc.
The ProNews' 1000 is an innnovative, printed media vending machine designed to release only one copy per vend. Keeping its inventory secure, the machine can be placed at locations that are impractical for traditional honor box style machines. In addition to daily newspapers, it can dispense more expensive magazines, offering new opportunities for media distribution. Payment options include a programmable, electronic coin discriminator and a bill validator. One option is the ProScan' 2000 battery-powered coin scanner and controller that comes motor driven or with a solenoid lock and escrow hopper for refunding and collecting coins. The unit can field download up to 12 different coin types. Vending prices can be selected via a handheld PDA or by dropping custom electronic chips into the coin mech. Call 800-925-8882;

Seaga Manufacturing Inc./Vendtronics
The SS4000 is a space saving combo offering 20 snack selections and four soda selections. It has a slide-out roller bearing control module for easy servicing and a slide-out refrigeration system with front ventilation, allowing for flush wall installation. Dimensions: 55 by 31 by 24 inches.

The SS3000 is a countertop beverage machine, with fully electronic design. Dimensions: 31 by 31 by 24 inches.

The SS1000 is a countertop snack machine with a flexible helix coils clip, individual selection pricing, and optional battery operation. Dimensions: 31 by 31 by 24 inches.

The SS5000 cold beverage machine is double wall designed with slide-out refrigeration and front ventilation for flush wall mounting. Dimensions: 55 by 31 by 24 inches. Call 815-297-9500;

USA Technologies Inc.
Sony PictureStation' kiosk develops digital photos and uses USA Technologies' cashless transaction software to allow credit/debit card payment. Call 781-820-0890.

U-Select-It Corp.
The DZ5000 Dual Zone Vendor has two separate temperature zones in one machine, allowing it to vend chips, snacks, confections and pastries as well as sodas and juices. There is a barrier between the upper and lower compartments. The lower tray has insulating air curtains. There is a pre-cool storage compartment, a transverse flow rotary blower, adjustable air flow damper, upper compartment heater, upper compartment variable air flow with multiple fans, a vend sensing system, and more. Dimensions: 72 by 41 by 35.5 inches.

The Geneva Hot Beverage Vendor comes with a large backlit LCD screen and a positive feel keypad. It provides a vend sensing system and features a large delivery opening, a range of specialty drinks, and one-step programming, one-touch cleaning, and one-step data retrieval. Call (515) 277-5397;

Vendo Co.
The VUE-30 and VUE-40 are glassfront merchandisers that deliver product using a flexible dispensing mechanism that retrieves each vended package and places it within a secure delivery port with little or no agitation. The delivery system is housed in the door of the machine. There are no wires, switches, solenoids or motors in the cabinet. The delivery system retracts out of sight at the bottom of the door between vends, providing customers with an unobstructed view of all available products and does not interfere with reloading. There is a removable cabinet footer to facilitate installation through narrow doorways. Dimensions are: for VUE-30: 72 by 34 by 35 inches; VUE-40: 72 by 41.5 by 35 inches. Call 800-344-7215;


Block and Co.
Cash Tracker' bar coded bags offer immediate tracking, accountability and security while reducing cash room processing time with unique bar coding on each bag. A clear vinyl window sewn over the bar code protects it from wear. Call 800-323-7556;

Glenview Health Systems
BioMeasure' fitness measuring system is a free-standing device that accurately measures weight, height, body fat percentage, and instantly calculates body mass index at the push of a button, then provides a printed ticket showing the results. System activation runs individual readings when a dollar bill is inserted into the machine. Users simply step on the machine, insert money into a validator, and press a button to begin measurements. A receipt is provided entailing personal reading and suggested healthy weight and body fat ranges. A smart card option creates an additional form of income. Call 800-724-4745;

Magline Inc.
The Axiom' 360 is a lightweight, high-capacity delivery truck that maneuvers around tight spaces and stores easily on a delivery vehicle. Call 800-624-5463;

Stellar Industries Inc.
The X-Tra-Lift loading device fits in a pickup box and lifts 1,300 pounds while remaining level. It takes the place of a trailer or a load gate. Call 800-321-3741;


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