3 things you didn’t know about 365 Retail Markets’ MM6 for Markets Kiosk

May 31, 2023
Check out three things you may not know about 365 Retail Markets’ MM6 for Markets Kiosk.

The following are three things you didn’t know about 365 Retail Markets’ MM6 for Markets Kiosk. 

1.  Built-in Back-ups: The MM6 for markets features an internal battery back-up that minimizes market disruption when power fluctuates. Avoid service calls to get the kiosk back online. Should the system go offline, the kiosk alerts operators in real-time and they can reboot remotely through the 365 back-end management portal, ADM.

2.  MM6 keeps a close eye on things: The MM6 for markets features a wide-angle fisheye camera at the top of the kiosk to deter theft. Its 185-degree field of view and 2-megapixel lens enhances the image quality captured during the transaction and the kiosk sends those images to the Cancel Report in its ADM backend for detailed review. 

3.  Available for both your dining and micro market operations: 365 launched its MM6 for dining in January 2023. That kiosk is meant to elevate operations for FSOs running corporate cafeterias and other dining operations.

On June 1, the global leader in unattended retail will release a similar version of the new kiosk for markets also. This release will have an easy-to-use, micro-market-centric user interface and more.

If you are interested in leveraging the latest in unattended retail technology, contact a 365 account representative today! 


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