Unlock New Opportunities With 365 Retail Markets’ PicoCooler

June 25, 2020

With COVID-19 precautionary guidelines loosening across the country, employees are returning to the workplace and are in need of safe and convenient food and beverage options. Micro market operators can help employers meet this need by providing fresh, quality food and beverages in the break room so employees don’t have to leave the workplace for meals or snacks.

365 Retail Markets’ PicoCooler is a Touchless Transaction(SM) Technology solution that helps operators serve their customers in the post COVID-19 world. The PicoCooler is the company’s smallest technology, featuring an interactive display that doubles as a secured lock and a point-of-sale (POS) system.

Here are three ways the PicoCooler can help operators increase revenue:

Food and beverages are secured and safe

The PicoCooler remains locked until the user opens it, either through payment with a debit or credit card or via the 365Pay mobile app. This protects food and beverage items from theft, enabling operators to place the PicoCooler in high-traffic or semi-public facing areas, opening up a new range of opportunities for accounts. The secure locking function also keeps products properly refrigerated, reducing risk of spoilage and revenue loss.

PicoCooler’s display screen enables easy promotions, advertising and product information

The PicoCooler’s sleek, compact screen doesn’t take up much space, but it has a large enough display to run advertisements, giving operators the ability to interact with users and push customized promotions to customers. Use this valuable screen time for co-branding with suppliers, or to display product information such as nutritional facts or pricing. This powerful marketing tool enables operators to influence customer purchasing behavior and strategically drive product sales, resulting in increased revenue.

PicoCooler offers elevated user experience

Checking out has never been so easy. With the PicoCooler, users who have downloaded the 365Pay app can pay with their GMA account by scanning their app QR code on the POS. Users who don’t have the app can simply swipe, tap or insert their credit or debit card. Either action unlocks the cooler, allowing the user to grab their choices, click “checkout” and go. Operators can even place an additional snack rack next to the PicoCooler so users can add-on to their purchase, further driving revenue.


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