365 Retail Markets’ Touchless Transaction℠ Technologies Keep MicroMarkets Open and Safe

March 30, 2020

With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world have had to act nimbly in order to protect their employees and clients while still being able to conduct business. 365 Retail Markets supports operators every step of the way by providing a variety of Touchless Transaction technologies that enable users to safely purchase food and beverages, so they can go back to doing their jobs.  

365 Beacon 

Since many restaurants are currently closed or operating with limited staff and resources, MicroMarkets can meet the needs of consumers better than ever. Even locations with limited space can create a provision-filled MicroMarket with the 365 Beacon, a Bluetooth-connected, plug-and-pay device that enables customers to scan and pay for products directly from their mobile devices without touching public spaces. 

Operators with existing MicroMarket locations can enhance their checkout options with the addition of the 365 Beacon, which alleviates lines at the kiosks during busy times and serves as a contactless, seamless payment for any user who downloads the 365Pay app on their mobile device. 

Installing a 365 Beacon will encourage more users to download the 365Pay app, another Touchless Transaction technology that offers worry-free convenience. 

365Pay app 

The 365Pay app enables users to easily add funds, view their purchase history and manage their account. In addition to establishing loyalty — and encouraging frequent visits — between the user and the MicroMarket, the 365Pay app allows operators to fully engage with consumers. Through the 365Pay app, operators can offer targeted promotions to specific locations and individual users, further enhancing the experience and allowing operators to track purchasing habits and build opportunities around them. 

365Pay app users don’t have to worry about keeping cash or credit/debit cards on hand to make purchases in the MicroMarket. Their Global Market Account, 365’s stored value account, works seamlessly across MicroMarkets, dining and vending. Customers will feel more connected and heard, as the app offers the ability to provide immediate feedback regarding experiences or products offered in the MicroMarket. This, in turn, allows operators to offer next-level customer service, further cementing loyalty. 

Kiosk Cleaning Best Practices 

Regardless of the contactless technology options available, operators must maintain a high level of cleanliness in MicroMarkets and any areas offering food and beverages. Kiosk fingerprint readers and touchscreens are among the most-touched areas of MicroMarkets and must be cleaned regularly. In order to avoid damaging the devices, 365 offers easy guidelines to keep equipment running in an optimal manner. 

To disinfect fingerprint readers, spray ethanol or isopropanol (in concentrations less than 50%) onto a soft, lint-free cloth. Examples of appropriate cleaning products include 409 Spray Cleaner, Windex or a mild detergent like Manu-Klenz. Gently wipe the reader, taking care not to damage the silicon coating, and if any debris or lint remains, you can remove it by applying cellophane (Scotch) tape to the surface and peeling it away. 

For point-of-sale touchscreens on kiosks, use a microfiber cloth designed for cleaning electronics (such as the 3M Microfiber Electronics Cleaning Cloth) with one of the following cleaning solutions:   

  • A standard glass cleaner 
  • A mild soap and water solution 
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) green soap 
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution (1:10 dilution of household chlorine bleach in water), note using this solution may lighten color over time. 
  • Phenolic germicidal detergent (1% aqueous solution) 
  • Cidex 2.4% Activated Glutaraldehyde Solution 
  • 50% isopropyl alcohol mixed in 50% water solution 
  • Steriplex 
  • Novus 1 

Never spray any of these cleaners directly on the kiosk’s monitor as this could cause the liquid to leak into the device, damaging the hardware. Spray the liquid directly onto the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the touchscreen. 

To learn more about 365 Retail Markets’ Touchless Transaction℠ Technologies or about kiosk cleaning best practices, please reach out to [email protected].


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