Five Things to Know About 365 Retail Markets’ PicoCooler

Feb. 25, 2020

Change is a constant challenge in managing MicroMarkets. Operators must learn how to continuously adapt and create an enhanced customer experience for a unique clientele. This can be particularly challenging in smaller or semi-public spaces with limited checkout points and limited space. Additionally, as MicroMarkets continue to expand beyond the breakroom, new security concerns threaten an operator’s bottom line.   

365 Retail Markets' new PicoCooler is the one technology that can solve a convenience services operator’s pain points.

Learn how the PicoCooler resolves these challenges by providing operators with:

1. Controlled Access

Pain point: Shrinkage concerns

The PicoCooler offers you a peace of mind with the ability to keep coolers locked and temperatures controlled. The PicoCooler affixes to a Minus40 cooler, allowing customers to gain instant access by using a variety of payment options: credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or 365Pay App.

2. Sleek Designed Technology

Pain point: Lack of market space

The sleek design of the PicoCooler reduces bulk and mounts to the surface of a cooler, showing more of your products. For locations that have a breakroom space concern where an operator is unable to implement a MicroMarket or NanoMarket™, the PicoCooler attaches to a cooler, freeing up counterspace and providing consumers with fresh options at the same time.

3. Additional Checkout Points

Pain point: Not enough checkout touchpoints with fresh food options

Have a MicroMarket location that needs more checkout points to help shorten lines? The PicoCooler is the line-busting technology that you need. The PicoCooler’s interactive touchscreen allows customers to check out quickly and easily. It offers payment versatility by providing customers multiple ways to pay to quickly get them back to what matters.

4. Built-in Camera

Pain point: Need more security

MicroMarkets are increasingly moving into semi-public spaces, raising the risk of theft. Since nobody wants to shop in a retail space surrounded with cameras, the PicoCooler has a built-in camera that helps prevent theft, leaving operators worry-free as they expand beyond office breakrooms.

5. Freshening Up Breakrooms and Semi-Public Areas

Pain point: Connecting consumers to fresh and healthy foods in a new way

Customers want to enjoy a wide variety of fresh, cold food and beverages wherever they may be. Traditional vending machines just don’t cut it. Make healthy choices convenient by providing fresh, better-for-you options that are always available for on-the-go customers. The PicoCooler provides operators with the opportunity to grow into semi-public areas and add a connected cooler to their new and existing locations or complete their 365 Connected Campus℠.


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