Exclusive Partnerships: The Future Of Convenience Services

Aug. 26, 2019

We recently sat down with 365 Retail Markets Sales Manager, Jim Versical, to learn more about what operators are talking about.

Operators around the world have quickly seen the value of The 365 Exclusive Partnership Program and have achieved great success with their partnership.

Get to know The 365 Exclusive Partnership Program and learn how you can benefit:

Q: What is a 365 Exclusive Partnership?

A: The 365 Exclusive Partnership provides operators around the world with innovative technology, 24-7 international support, and industry expertise to help elevate their success. It’s a superior method for operators to dominate the convenience industry and achieve their goals and objectives.

We work with operators to secure their status in the industry and bring a distinctive offering to their customers with special pricing, perks, early access to 365 products and more.

Q: Why did 365 introduce the 365 Exclusive Partner Program?

A: The convenience industry is rapidly growing and providing operators with just the technology doesn’t cut it anymore. We saw the need to join expert forces and help operators strategically grow their business across the globe.

We started the program back in 2015 and as of today, we have over 50 exclusive operators. We continue to exclusively work with operators internationally and have an array of different types of partnerships — some have one or two micro market locations, some have over 500. We're well versed in managing different-sized operations and understand that no two operators are the same and that everyone runs their businesses completely different.

We believe that having the right partner is essential as it provides an opportunity for growth, strengthens your business, and allows you to achieve your goals. A 365 Exclusive Partnership was established to make the lives of operators easier by being their one and only partner who caters to their business needs.

Q: How does 365 partner with operators in the vending, micro market and OCS segments?

A: We get to know every one of our exclusive partners and develop a strategic partnership that’s unique to them.

It can be a burden to go out and try to achieve large initiatives without having the resources on hand, so that’s where the 365 Exclusive Partnership comes in with offering the right guidance, solutions, and assistance. 

Our exclusive partners work closely with our Account Management team and receive a dedicated representative who assists them with anything from large conversions to updating their technologies to assisting with on-site consumer challenges.

Q: Why do operators need a 365 Exclusive Partnership? What makes 365 exclusivity so unique and valuable?

A: Partnership is the key to success in the convenience industry. Anyone can provide you with self-checkout technology, but it takes partnering with a global leader to bring you what you need and more.

The 365 Exclusive Partnership is one-of-a-kind because it’s unique to each of our operators.

Q: Can you share some success stories from operators about their experience in partnering with 365?

A: One of our successful exclusive partners has been successful in the coffee industry for years and wanted to get into micro markets, but just wasn’t sure how to do so.

After learning more about their goals and challenges, we put together a personalized partnership that helped them not only launch multiple micro markets within a short timeframe but helped them with marketing and on-site promotions. We even helped their customers sign up for micro market accounts and set up loyalty programs to help the operator receive continued business.

Today, they continue to successfully implement micro markets at their locations and our partnership continues to grow based on both their and their consumer's needs.

Q: How do you see partnerships with operators evolving in the future?

A: We focus on our operator’s success and our technology advances and partnership offerings are based on how we can help consumers grow. Our partnerships constantly evolve depending on what our partners need and what will make them more successful.

Our partnerships with Advana and Panopytc provide our exclusive partners with the resources to help maximize their convenience technologies and also allows them to have a leg up on their competition. We foresee incorporating our partnerships into our operator Exclusive Partnership Program to help provide as much convenience opportunities to our operators.

We also want to start helping our operators sell opportunities and provide them with qualified leads. We’re approached all the time by large companies that inquire about convenience options and how we can help bring innovation to their locations. Host locations, like a Toyota, for example, will tell us they want a micro market. We want to develop a lead referral program that provides our partners with those new business opportunities.

Q: Any insights on upcoming technology or exciting news about 365 Exclusive Partnerships that you want to share with our audience?

A: Our PicoMarket will be released later this year and will be our smallest, most versatile technology. Our newest innovation can be used on a vending machine or in small semi-public environments.

Our exclusive partners already received a sneak peek and have learned all about how it brings new opportunities to them. They will also have the first opportunity to purchase the PicoMarket when it launches!

In conclusion, a 365 Exclusive Partnership helps reduce challenges and focuses on what you and your business need to become not only successful but to make a difference in the convenience industry.


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