Payment App Brings Innovation To Micro Market Industry

July 16, 2019

Payment apps are here to stay! Cashless payments are the simplest way to make purchases, especially in micro markets.

In June 2019, Transaction Network Services issued a report surveying 1,050 U.S. adults about smartphone payment apps and payment preferences. According to survey results, 59 percent of Americans like to use mobile payment apps.

Age groups needs differ for a variety of reasons and many find different applications that lead to their use of apps and mobile payments. Seventy-one percent of 16-to24-year-olds and 73 percent of 25-to34-year-olds surveyed stated they enjoy using payment apps. While credit card use is certainly popular among the 70 percent of respondents from the U.S., U.K. and Australia who said they rarely use cash, 60 percent of Americans surveyed said they make at least one contactless payment every week.

Micro market operators appreciate the value that payment apps bring not only to them but also to their consumers. One app that has seen high reviews and is being used around the world is the 365Pay app.

365 Retail Markets recently launched its redesigned 365Pay app, which connects operators to consumers in a whole new way.

“The new payment app is getting huge reviews in the field. Can’t wait to hear how we can push messages to the users. Great work!” an industry consultant has told 365.

Here are the top three reasons why you and your customers need a micro market payment app:

An All-in-One App

The 365Pay app is celebrated for being a hub for 365’s integrated consumer experience—365 Connected Campus platform; connecting dining services, micro markets, vending and food service—but the company is also bringing an enhanced tool for outstanding customer service with its new redesign.

A micro market app should not only provide consumers an easy way to scan and check out but also a way to connect to consumers.

“The 365Pay app plays a significant role in the company’s goal of easing the process of purchasing food at work every day,” Director of Product Ryan McWhirter said.

The new 365Pay redesign brings a new FAQ/assistance area for consumers that conveniently provides answers for the five most frequently asked questions, which all supplements an email form that had been included with the former app design.

“And if your question is not one of those five, we of course still allow you to contact us directly,” McWhirter said. “This change reflects our goal of making as much of the experience self-service as possible. That’s what we do best!”

Customer Loyalty Program

Your customers should reap the rewards for making purchases in your markets. A loyalty program not only encourages more purchasing but also provides consumers with a micro market incentive. Operators can enable consumers to earn loyalty points whenever they purchase a particular product(s).

Customers’ progress toward rewards and offers in the 365 Loyalty Program, which launched in 2018 as a point-based, cash-back rewards program of The Connected Campus℠, has become more prominent and speedier with the 365Pay redesign.

With the newly redesigned 365 app, consumers will receive notifications for “point boosts,” allowing them to take advantage of special offers that get them to the next level faster. Operators can also work with their clients to subsidize point boosts on particular items to encourage consumers to make better choices, such as selecting healthier foods.

“Where enabled, consumers will see the loyalty rocket ship animate across the home screen each time they open the app, reminding them if they have a reward available or encouraging them to continue purchasing,” McWhirter said. “Consumers will also receive a push notification from the 365Pay app when they have crossed a rewarding milestone.”

Versatile for Any Client, Anywhere

When installing micro markets, be sure to consider implementing a payment app, as it brings ultimate convenience to the workplace and is versatile for every type of location.

365 Retail Markets staff believes both operators and consumers around the world will appreciate the app’s new navigation experience and how operators will be able to better select timing for promotions to customers.

In Summary

Payment apps are the way of the future, especially in micro markets and self-checkout. Operators should not only partner with a micro market leader that can help implement the latest self-service technology but also a payment app that has the best functionality and design for ease at check-out.


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