Do You Have The Right Technology To Succeed?

Today, having a micro market isn’t enough. To really maximize profits and opportunities with clients look at how customers use the micro market. This will reveal if the right technology is in place or there are friction points that reveal the need for a better option.

Flexible checkout for all hours Does one of your large customers have a manned cafeteria or café? With the 365 ReadyTouch system, this foodservice solution can become a 24/7 benefit without a single additional employee. The ReadyTouch can switch back and forth between a traditional cafeteria checkout system with a cashier for high volume times and a self-checkout station for early morning, late afternoon and evening employees looking for onsite eating options. The ReadyTouch allowed AVI Foodsystems, a family-owned operation with an industry-leading reputation, to elevate the offerings at the headquarters at one of its largest clients.

“365 ReadyTouch has allowed us to expand service hours by utilizing the self-service mode,” said the AVI spokesperson. This was important to the client who has team members working nights and weekends. The client wanted to better meet this group’s needs and AVI went in search of an innovative solution, which turned out to be ReadyTouch.

“[With ReadyTouch], we have been able to provide [the client] with self-checkout options during their entire work day, which they enjoy,” said the AVI spokesperson.

Extra checkouts for high traffic markets

When assessing existing micro markets, or potential micro markets, volume is an important consideration. For locations that have set break times or simply a high number of employees, there could be a rush of people trying to use the micro market at once. It can lead to long lines at the self-checkout kiosk and frustrated consumers. Operators need to have solutions to this problem or risk losing the account. One solution in the 365 NanoMarket, a tablet based self-checkout technology. With a lower cost than adding a second traditional kiosk, it can be an ideal way to implement additional checkout stations. It accepts many forms of cashless payments -- credit cards, debit cards, the 365Pay mobile app, etc. -- making it a quick and convenient option for consumers who don’t carry much cash. Because it works in tandem to the main kiosk unit, which can still accept cash, all sales and reporting information is still in one place and everyone has a checkout option that will work for them.

Technology enhancements that match a location’s vision

The number one way to impress a client is with convenience services technology that gives them a better experience. It excites clients and end users alike, especially when it positively impacts their productivity such as scan and go purchasing of refreshments in the break room. Because the break room

is an extension of their business, a client will also want the technology options to be in line with their corporate vision and image. Can your micro market technology live up to those expectations?

AVI partnered with 365 Retail Markets to enhance its customer experience, incorporate easy-to-use functionality and improve reporting/operations.

“The 365 program offered the latest technological driven platform to align with [our client’s’] technology vision,” said the AVI spokesperson, “including the ability to utilize 365Pay mobile app to fund and pay for food and beverage purchases.”

Using ReadyTouch decreased training time, increased through-put and enhanced AVI’s data for more effective decision making. In addition, AVI called 365’s support “outstanding.”

This is one example of how working with a forward-thinking supplier that is always innovative can benefit an operator. It’s time to look at technology to drive success, and 365 Retail Markets is the partner to help.

About AVI Foodsystems

AVI Foodsystems has long been a strong, successful, family-owned business. Founded in 1960 by John Payiavlas, AVI has an industry-leading reputation, providing customized hospitality and foodservice solutions for thousands of clients and millions of customers throughout 44 states and Canada. AVI offers hospitality services in business, manufacturing, education, leisure and healthcare settings, including a complete offering of on-site dining, vending, micro markets, catering, concessions, office coffee and environmental services.


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