Promotions in Your Micro Markets

March 14, 2019
Learn how utilizing promotions at your markets will boost consumer engagement and drive customer loyalty.

Between social media, TV commercials, and games on our phones, promotions and new product offers are all around us. Brands are connecting with us on the daily and educating us about their products and pushing consumers to buy, buy, buy! Brand and Product Promotions are influencing our behaviors and spending habits.

In today’s world, people spend the majority of their time at work, so why not utilize this time and share offers with consumers when they are most relevant? Micro market promotions provide you with an opportunity to communicate with your customers throughout their workday and can keep employees full and pepped up to keep working!

365 Retail Markets saw the need and chance to help increase communication to consumers within the MicroMarket industry and partnered with Advana— an advertising technology company, who connects brands to consumers on any screen, anywhere. Together, they are helping operators promote products in their markets, along with connecting brands to consumers at work.

Here are 3 ways you can utilize promotions in your markets to help boost consumer engagement and drive customer loyalty.

1. Overstocked Markets

Sometimes overstocking your markets happens, but you don’t have to worry about spoilage or losing money thanks to promotions. Promote or discount items that you have too many of! Customers will then be aware of the need to purchase and encourages them to spend more.

2. Product Specials and New Arrivals

Promotions allow operators to introduce new products and provide discounts on products that might need a little more help then just sitting on the shelf or in the cooler.

Micro markets allow consumers to see and feel products, but consumers might need some assistance on what’s new or what’s a special offering in their market that they should be paying attention to. Promotions put new items and specials in front of the consumer.

3. Healthy/Fresh Offerings

Encouraging healthy eating at work allows employees to maintain energy, positive attitudes, and more. Promoting healthy fresh food and beverage options allow consumers to focus on good choices and items that will help them fuel their workday.

The takeaway: Feed Your Audience!! Be sure to use micro market promotions to help with your overstocked markets, tell your consumers about specials or new products, encourage healthy/fresh offerings, and more!