Learn to Master MicroMarkets with NAMA's New Manual and Training Seminar

In conjunction with the upcoming Vistar Phoenix tradeshow on May 11th at the Crown Plaza Hotel, NAMA is hosting a half-day learning program that will train Operators on how to become MicroMarket Masters. This program is tied in with the release of NAMA’s MicroMarket training manual entitled: Mastering Micro Markets: An Operations Manual for Increasing Profitability in Micro Markets. Written by Michael L. Kasavana, Ph.D., NCE5 NAMA Endowed Professor Emeritus, Jerry McVety, President of McVety and Associates, Emily L. Kasavana, MBA of K-Team, Inc., Mastering Micro Markets addresses the needs of Vending Operators breaking into the vastly different world of MicroMarkets.

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“There was a clear industry need for a better understanding of the differences between Vending and MicroMarket operations as well as the need to explain the MicroMarket business concept as a standalone entity,” said Dr. Kasavana, “Since a significant portion of NAMA members are involved in both of these refreshment service channels the management, control, and functionality of the MicroMarket retail merchandising platform warranted explanation."  

Industry leaders such as: 365 Retail Markets, Brad Bachtelle and Associates, Five Star Food Service, LightSpeed Automation and others add real-world insights to the publication. The manual covers a wide variety of topics, many of which expand upon topics we’ve covered on our blog.

“The book has several chapters that outline successful approaches to MicroMarket profitability,” said Dr. Kasavana, “The rapid growth of MicroMarkets brought operators into the channel that were either unprepared or unaware of the major operational differences in the management, pricing, product assortment, service quality, product promotions, security systems, digital signage, and payment systems to name a few areas of concentration.”

Mastering Micro Markets answers the question: Why MicroMarkets? And is perfect for all experience levels; it introduces new MicroMarket Operators to the industry and instructs current Operators on how to increase sales.

The Master Micro Markets Seminar during the Vistar Phoenix show will feature guest speakers that will cover the topics mentioned in the book. 365’s very own Marketing Manager, Jen Tonio and Training Specialist, Jim Versical are among the speakers. They will be leading seminars on marketing best practices as well as payment technologies and data analytics. The program is sure to be an enlightening experience for anyone looking to be a successful MicroMarket Operator and a perfect complement to the manual.

“There is probably nothing that has positively impacted the refreshment services channel more than the micro-market. It is a platform that meets the convenience needs of consumers while offering a wide variety of quality products, including fresh food items.”

- Mastering Micro Markets

Mastering Micro Markets: An Operations Manual for Increasing Profitability in Micro Markets is already available for purchase.

Price: NAMA Member Price: $195.00; Non-Member Price: $295.00

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