3 Ways AirVend And Micro Markets Work Together

Over the past 7 years, MicroMarkets have become a technology “must have” for the vending industry.  They have changed the game for vending operators in terms of their ability to provide customers with what they have grown to expect in their everyday lives.  The addition of an AirVend device can give many of the same great benefits that MicroMarkets provide to the operator, without having to upgrade to a new, expensive vending machine.  By adding the capabilities to display promotions, offer cashless payment options, communicate with your customers and increase operational efficiency you are able to offer mainstay features in an industry that has been technologically underdeveloped for decades.

1. Cross-Platform Promotions (Impressions, Impressions, Impressions)

AirVend allows operators to promote items across all unattended retail locations including MicroMarkets and vending machines.  Many consumer-buying decisions are influenced not by one ad, but from a customer seeing that message over multiple impressions.  The AirVend content management system, AV Live, allows for easy and immediate on-screen advertising and promotions.  If you’re promoting a sale in your MicroMarket, cast your net further by advertising on your vending machines as well.  This function should be used to help you sell more of the products you want to focus on, whether it is for better profits, slow moving stock or any other reason you can think of. 

2. Multiple Payment Options (Customers Love Options)

Accept every payment in your customer’s wallet, even the mobile type.  The sales lift that occurs when adding credit card acceptance to your vending machines is well known, but did you also know that over 50% of MicroMarket sales are made with stored value or “market” accounts, rather than cash or credit?  365 is adding the ability to share accounts between MicroMarkets and AirVend enabled vending machines, and when you give your customer every payment option, you ensure that you’ll never miss a sale.  Whether your customer prefers Apple Pay, Google Wallet, traditional credit/debit or even Campus payment options, AirVend supports the most payment options in the industry.

3. Communication and Efficiency (Use The Cloud!)

One of the best ways to increase your profit margin isn’t to increase prices, but to lower the cost of doing business.  With AV Live reporting, you get all of the same real-time sales and inventory reporting you get with your MicroMarkets, plus integrations to all major VMS systems.  Your AirVend will even tell you about problems with your vending machines, before your customers find them!  Get real-time alerts for out of stocks, machine jams and low sales, allowing you to proactively restore service, with no interruptions.

Technology has long been available in other retail spaces, but has been seriously lacking in vending.  MicroMarkets have helped to set the bar higher, and bring in many of the features that make retail chains so successful.  AirVend is continuing the tradition of driving the industry into the 21st century, ensuring continued loyalty by giving your customers the same level of service in MicroMarkets and Vending.

Add an Airvend to your current operations by giving us a call today at 888-365-7382. 


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