Vending and Micro Market Security: Theft Mitigation Strategies

March 12, 2024
This webinar will explore how operators are dealing with theft and how key suppliers are using both hardware and technology to keep the honest people honest and keep the less honest people from capitalizing on both workplace and public refreshment amenities.

This event was originally held on March 12, 2024
and is now available for on demand viewing.

Sponsor: Cantaloupe & Panoptyc
 1 Hour

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It’s a webinar about “shrink.”

Security has always been a key issue in the world of vending and for a little more than a decade, micro markets as well. Bad guys have been targeting vending machines as long as they have existed, and operators have been applying ongoing solutions to keep their assets and cashbox revenue safe. It can be a cat-and-mouse game as operators react to the latest break-in techniques.

Along with enormous opportunity, micro markets have introduced a new challenge for operators as the whole notion of unattended retail can be seen as a license to steal for a small percentage of the workforce, a percentage that is just big enough to create challenges for operators. User error and the well-intentioned thought of, “I’ll come back and pay for this later,” only adds to the shortages.

This webinar will explore how operators are dealing with theft and how key suppliers are using both hardware and technology to keep the honest people honest and keep the less honest people from capitalizing on both workplace and public refreshment amenities.

This Automatic Merchandiser/ webinar will explore:

Vending and micro market theft – how big is the problem?
Is shrink just another cost of doing business today?
Some tales of vending machine theft that will dumbfound you.
What keeps the shrink lower in micro markets – cameras, monitors, signage?
Are clients more willing to contribute to help offset losses?
Keys to the vending machines – protection, procedures and strategies.
The importance of smart vending machine placement.
How micro market design can mitigate theft.
Communicating with clients about theft.
Why locks and hardware selection is so important.
How the internet has created security challenges for vending operators.
How technology can minimize micro market theft.
Challenges associated with security cameras.
New theft issues for new markets – like hotel properties and car dealerships.
Are smart coolers a cost-efficient solution?
Has the growth of card sales largely eliminated vending theft?
Protecting route drivers from theft on and after the route is completed.

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Bill Bartholic
Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Bill is the VP of Enterprise Sales at Cantaloupe and has 20+ years of experience in convenience service. Starting his career in 1993, Bill has working for several regional operators. After college, he took on full time role, and helped drive the company through some strategic acquisitions and tech advancements. After quick stint outside the industry, Bill came back to work at Cantaloupe Systems, and has been working companies to increase their technology footprint through the use of Cantaloupe enterprise platform. 

Guest Panelist

Shaun Dayton
Operations Manager, Canteen Service of Northern California

Shaun oversees the day-to-day operations of all micro market, vending, and office coffee services for Canteen Service of Northern California.

Bridger Keally
Sales Director

Bridger Keally started as the sales director at Panoptyc with an extensive background in sales but little knowledge of the vending industry. After consulting with industry experts and operators, he quickly realized the stress that theft and labor shortages were inflicting and the need for Panoptyc’s solution. Since then, Keally has been instrumental in bringing Panoptyc to almost 5,000 active markets across the country. To keep up with this growth, Keally aims to integrate with kiosk providers and other key industry partners to make Panoptyc’s services as seamless and accessible as possible for customers. Looking forward, he is focused on providing solutions for vendors outside of just micro market theft. He relishes the opportunity to meet with customers at conferences and site visits to explore their challenges and develop solutions. Keally is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jim Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Evans Coffee

As a full-service operator, Jim has served the greater New York area for over 35 years. With a sizeable vending and micro market operation, he is no stranger to “shrink” and dealing with theft mitigation on both the vending and micro market channels. He is happy to share his insights and strategies regarding how he deals with clients on the theft issue and the technological choices he has made which are helping to keep his shrink levels under control.

Egan Little
LC Vending & Business Coffee Service

Egan Little is the third generation to operate LC Vending Company. LC Vending was founded by Lofton Little in 1953 and has grown to be the premier vending, coffee, and micro market operator in San Antonio, Texas. Egan worked with both his Grandfather and Father starting in 1994 after completing his military service.. Egan took over the reins in 2019. LC Vending suffered with Covid, but we never furloughed or laid off any of our employees. When Covid finally thawed we were ready to go to work. We love our clients and employees, they are the reason for our success.

Molly Rogers
Automatic Merchandiser

Moderator: Bob Tullio
Contributing Editor, Automatic Merchandiser/
Tullio B2B

Bob Tullio is a content specialist, speaker, sales trainer, consultant and contributing editor of Automatic Merchandiser/ He advises entrepreneurs on how to build a successful business from the ground up and specializes in helping suppliers connect with operators in the convenience services industry – coffee service, vending, micro markets and pantry service specifically.

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