PayRange Unveils Vending Industry’s First Point-Of-Purchase Offers Platform

April 23, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 22, 2015) – PayRange, the world’s simplest payment solution for machines, unveiled an all-new version of the mobile payment app that includes functionality for offers. PayRange Founder and CEO Paresh Patel presented a keynote and product announcement at the NAMA OneShow that drew a large, enthusiastic crowd of the industry’s leaders.

The new app features virtual cards for each machine that is in “PayRange.” The reverse side of the virtual machine cards include rebates and offers that are specific to each machine. For example, one offer might be, “Purchase Fritos and get 25 cents off.” The user selects this offer, sends payment to the machine, and makes the selection on the machine normally. After the product is dispensed, a barcode scan window appears in the app and the user is prompted to scan the barcode of the item to validate the offer. Once validated, a credit is applied immediately to the user’s PayRange account.

“We have cracked one of the toughest nuts in marketing for vending machines,” stated Founder and CEO Paresh Patel. “Operators and product companies alike have had very limited ability to market to consumers at the point-of-purchase. This industry has long had the ‘fill it and they will come’ mentality simply because tools did not exist to help operators.” Through the use of this patent pending mobile offers technology, PayRange is able to deliver a solution to product companies that will allow them to promote their products in the vending channel in a much more effective manner. This PayRange system works with virtually any vending machine and requires no additional changes on the machine itself.

PayRange also announced that it has partnered with four leading product companies for the initial launch of the offers program: Pepsico Foodservice, General Mills, Mars, and Hershey’s. “When Paresh confidentially previewed the system, we recognized immediately this was the game-changer this industry has sought,” said Rick Anastasi, General Mills’ National Sales Manager – Convenience Special Markets. “We are very excited and signed-up for the program on the spot.”

During the NAMA keynote presentation, Paresh also announced three additional new products and innovations. The company said it will be supporting Apple Watch and revealed how consumers will be able to pay with an Apple Watch, leaving their smart phone in their pocket.

Accompanying the new mobile app is an all-new web console. The console allows operators to manage their PayRange devices, run reports, as well as create and deploy offers (effectively re-pricing selections) without needing to travel to the machines themselves. The site will also allow consumers to add funds to their PayRange account using Bitcoin.

Last, but not least, PayRange announced an all-new version of the BluKey device, “BluKey Plus.” Similar to the original device, BluKey Plus will work seamlessly in machines with card readers even when the machine itself does not support two cashless payment devices. The BluKey Plus features patent pending “splitter” technology which allows it to register as a single cashless payment device on the machine, but support both a card reader and PayRange. This enables operators to support mobile payment and offers across their entire fleet of machines.

About PayRange:

PayRange was founded in 2013 by Paresh Patel in order to provide operators and consumers with the simplest, most accessible mobile payment solution possible. Consumers can download the free mobile app from either the Apple App Store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android users. The PayRange app enables consumers to make their transactions at unattended points of sale —vending machines, amusement devices, laundry and more — quicker and easier. And with flexible funding options including all major credit and debit cards plus the ability to add funds via Apple Pay, consumers are empowered to make mobile payments a reality. Find out more at