Crane Merchandising Systems Launches simplifi, Next Generation Cloud Enterprise, Connectivity Software Platform

Oct. 22, 2018

Crane Merchandising Systems, a Crane Co. company and the leading global manufacturer of innovative solutions for vending equipment, enterprise software, cashless systems, and wireless communications, announced today the launch of simplifi, its next generation Cloud platform for enterprise and connectivity software designed for operators to manage their business on the go.

simplifi, which will go live today, is developed as a native Cloud platform with solutions delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), eliminating the need for upfront investment in servers, licensing, and IT staff. The mobile-friendly platform allows users to access their data and perform key actions from any device, anywhere.

“By automating operations with this affordable solution, vending operators achieve a higher degree of inventory accuracy and route efficiency, saving time and enabling business growth,” said Scott Matza, Global Product Manager for Enterprise Software. “We plan to make significant investment in simplifi in the years ahead to introduce enhancements and innovations to the platform and provide customers with new capabilities frequently and seamlessly.”

“The vision for simplifi is to develop a holistic solution that can serve all areas of unattended convenience services,” Matza said. “By leveraging a phased approach, it allows us to get to market quickly and add new features that benefit customers as their businesses grow.”

The simplifi platform includes a consolidated and redesigned mobile application that allows field personnel to perform critical route and service tasks efficiently and accurately. With this app, available for Apple and Android as well as tablets and mobile devices, operators and users have ultimate flexibility and can get up and running quickly. simplifi MOBILE also works with Streamware’s VendMAX program, and includes newly added support for Office Coffee/Delivery Services.

simplifi CONNECT

Crane Cashless customers will see a change to the on-line portal previously known as Streamware Connect. Users will immediately benefit from the new design of the portal through the free simplifi CONNECT service. “Our goal is to provide an intuitive user experience and simplify our customers’ experience with technology,” Matza added.


For those customers looking to add remote management capabilities to their devices and screens, a new value add service will be launched called simplifi CONNECT PLUS. This package will expand the ability for operators to manage their planograms, make price changes, update nutritional information, and display their own promotional content on screened devices over-theair without costly trips to machines. To extend the value of the MEDIA platform and Navigator Touch retrofit screens, operators are able to employ remote management for location specific or other customized content, including national awareness advertisements that drive consumer engagement and loyalty.


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