Seaga Announces Smartware 360; Enhancing Vending Productivity And Operations

Oct. 2, 2018

Seaga Manufacturing has been an industrious powerhouse in the automatic merchandising industry for more than 3 decades, leading the charge in the design, engineering, innovation and development of intelligent machine technology that's resulted in the manufacturing of some of the most enterprising equipment and software in the industry today. Smartware 360 is the result of those efforts: a tireless focus on Seaga's customer-centric simplicity designed to enhance efficiency while also increasing revenue. 

As industry regulations and policy become more and more rigorous, operators move towards a more IoT sensibility, rushing to integrate intelligent applications into their business workflows. Ahead of this, Seaga has developed an enhanced vend-management application that provides consistent, cloud-based software updates, and affords vendors unbridled interconnectivity to their machines allowing them to arrange innumerable variations in pricing, temperature control, lockout modes, lottery mode, input calorie information, and custom vending specific to each product, machine, and market. Designed to integrate with Seaga's array of professional snack, beverage, and combo machines, Smartware 360 gives owners a measured advantage in enhancing their business process. 

"At Seaga, we realize that business owners strive to meet high efficiencies, and lower overhead and stock costs. Smartware 360 is a robust software application that affords business owners the ability to do just that by automating some of the more arduous tasks: putting the power of operations back in the hands of the business owner, allowing them to enhance their growth as well as comply with growing industry standards and regulations," states Steve Chesney, President of Seaga Manufacturing. 

A brilliant tool that operators can program once for mass deployment, Smartware 360 is also a savvy business partner that indubitably mitigates the route drivers' time in the field programming and stocking machines by allowing them to set up programs from the comfort of their office. While developed to meet a profusion of challenges within the vending industry, unlike other applications on the market, Smartware 360 boasts a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface, making the user experience a dynamically clutter-free, efficient environment. Smartware 360 also incorporates Seaga's compact Media-Link technology and flash drive utilized for uploading machine program files once completed. 

For more information on Seaga's Smartware 360 or any of our Intelligent Vending Solutions please contact Seaga at [email protected] or call 815.297.9500.


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