USA Technologies Announces Contactless Debit Card Capabilities In Canada With Interac Flash

Oct. 31, 2018

USA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:USAT) ("USAT"), a premier digital payment, consumer engagement and logistics service provider for the self-service retail market, today announced the availability of ePort G9 with Interac Flash, a contactless debit solution, to the Canadian market. Using the ePort G9, unattended retail businesses in Canada can expand their payment acceptance options by providing consumers with the ability to use their Interac Flash-enabled bank debit cards when making purchases. 

According to Interac Corporation, Canadians choose the security and convenience of Interac over 16 million times a day to pay and transfer money. “We believe that the addition of ePort G9 with Interac Flash to our suite of solutions will help our customers increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, while ensuring superior data protection and fast transaction processing,” said Michael Lawlor, CSO, USA Technologies. 

Lawlor continued, “At the same time, we believe it’s also impacting our growth in the Canadian market. Since USAT became certified to accept Interac bank cards in Canada, our connections in Canada have increased by 113.7%.” 

The ePort G9 is a PCI-Compliant, Interac Flash compatible, two-piece card reader and telemetry system which we found, in a year-long study of 100,000 machines conducted in 2015, to contribute to an increase in average annual cashless sales in the unattended, self-serve retail market by as much as 28%. It supports both traditional magnetic stripe credit along with the newer, NFC technology found in contactless cards and mobile wallets. The hardware is supported by the full ePort Connect and Seed suite of services, providing one of the unattended retail industry’s first enterprise solutions. 

Highlighted features include: 

  • Superior Data Protection: The G9 transmits strongly encrypted data to USALive, a PCI Level 1 compliant processor and service provider. 
  • Fast Transaction Processing: USAT’s high-speed wireless connection and state-of- the-art processing technology allows USAT hardware to achieve fast authorization response. 
  • Remote Management: Now that USALive and the Seed platform are an integrated platform, all machine and optimization data is available through USAT’s online portals, offering cloud-based sales information and health alerts for all connected machines, which subscribe to cashless payment and Seed logistics services. 
  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Provides seamless integration with all major VMS systems. The G9 telemeter is also available separately as an audit-only device. 
  • Comprehensive Service and Support: USAT ensures 24/7 support. 

USA Technologies recently featured the ePort G9 Interac Flash Device in booth #307 at the CAMA (Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association) Expo in Ontario where representatives from USAT also participated in an education session entitled “Telemetry De-mystified.” 


The ePort G9 with Interac Flash is available immediately. 

About USA Technologies 

USA Technologies, Inc. is a premier payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market. The company also provides a broad line of cashless acceptance technologies including its NFC-ready ePort® G-series, ePort Mobile® for customers on the go, ePort® Interactive, and QuickConnect, an API Web service for developers. Through its acquisition of Cantaloupe Systems, Inc. ("Cantaloupe"), the company also offers logistics, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting, responsive merchandising, inventory management, warehouse and accounting management solutions. Cantaloupe is a premier provider of cloud and mobile solutions for vending, micro markets, and office coffee services. 


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