Nayax Ltd. Announces The Establishment Of Nayax K.K.

May 18, 2015

MAY 14, 2015 - Nayax Ltd. co-founders Mr. Yair Nechmad and Mr. David Ben-Avi announced this afternoon at the Nayax Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, the opening of a new office in Japan.

“We are looking forward to working with Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, who will be acting as the General Manager of Nayax K.K. He comes with significant experience in business development, sales operations, and IT companies in Japan, and worldwide. We believe that the Japanese market will enjoy Nayax’s cashless payments solutions, telemetry systems, and management & monitoring suite. Nayax strives to increase our customers’ sales by helping operators communicate with their consumers and streamline their operations” says Mr. Nechmad. Contributing to the process was I.J. Business Do Ltd., a consulting and business development company that specializes in Japanese market.         

With cashless and mobile payments and telemetry systems dominating the automated and vending machines industry, it is a pivotal moment for Nayax Ltd. to establish a strong presence in Japan, where there are already 5.52 million vending machines, selling everything from cold drinks, coffee and snacks, to flower bouquets and socks. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, vending machine annual sales reach almost 6.95 trillion yen (58.3 billion USD).  

This announcement comes at a time when Japan is looking forward to hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics in the capital city Tokyo. Establishing Nayax K.K. will help local vending machine operators get ready for the increased levels of international tourism, which means cashless payments with international credit cards and mobile payments using smart phones.

Nayax Ltd. is a global leader in cashless payment solutions and telemetry systems, with offices worldwide. For more information, please visit


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