PayRange introduces BluCard all-in-one card reader

Aug. 13, 2021
New vending machine device boasts 4” color screen and integrates with PayRange app to accept swipe, tap and chip payments

Portland, OR-based PayRange Inc., which provides a network for everyday purchases, is introducing a novel all-in-one payment device. The modular BluCard reader supports all credit card payment interfaces in one small, stylish and weather resistant enclosure.

BluCard is specifically designed for installation on machines to allow cashless payment with magnetic payment cards, as well as proximity, vicinity and contact EMV payment cards, PayRange explained

Using the 4” full-color display, messaging can be created to interact with credit card-based users with custom notifications during card transaction. Onscreen messaging  is intended to drive mobile app awareness, downloads and user adoption.

With the addition of BluCard, PayRange said it now offers operators a total payment solution to capture all of their cashless needs.

For operators adding BluCard to their existing PayRange-enabled machines, transactions from the BluCard device will appear in their "manage" dashboard,  alongside BluKey transactions, and can be sorted and filtered by the operator if they choose. Sales and fees on a per-device basis are also viewable in the manage dashboard.

BluCard is available for vending, laundry and laundromat, carwash and amusement machines. The addition of a BluCard, or PayRange's original BluKey device, still allows for cash or coin acceptance if an operator chooses.

Visit to contact the company to request a BluCard consultation.


[Credit: PayRange Inc.]
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