Coke ON app in Japan surpasses 28 million downloads

July 26, 2021

In its second-quarter financial report on July 22, Coca-Cola Co. said it is leveraging the strength of the Coca-Cola system to drive value for stakeholders.

The company’s Wabi ecosystem, which leverages the system’s massive distribution network to connect businesses to consumers, continues to accelerate and is now present in 14 countries, with gross merchandising value reportedly growing significantly.

The company’s footprint in e-commerce also continues to expand. Its direct-to-consumer Coke ON app in Japan, which connects consumers to the system’s vending machines, reached more than 28 million downloads with significant gains in consumer awareness versus the prior year. 

In North America e-commerce retail, the cold drink giant said it’s still the market leader in the total non-alcoholic ready-to-drink category, growing retail value 54% year-to-date. In Europe, it said its e-commerce is growing retail value faster than 50% across key markets, resulting in a strong value share gain year-to-date.


[Credit: Elaine Gonzaga/Pixabay]
Coca Cola 3cans Elaine Gonzag Pixabay

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