Vending On Track Offers True Contactless Vending Experience

May 1, 2020

Sydney, Australia Apr 30 2020 - Vending on Track Pty Ltd, a leading vending technology provider in Australia, is proud to announce the release of its True Contactless Vending technology during COVID-19 pandemic.

Most vending machines require customers to make selection by pushing product selection buttons or keypads, even with modern mobile application based payment systems.

It’s a known fact that COVID-19 coronavirus may remain on surfaces for days (1). It’s preferable to 1 avoid contact with common areas for hygiene purposes.

Vending on Track Pty Ltd is releasing its True Contactless Vending solution. This solution (2) allows operators to deploy True Contactless Vending on existing vending machines without any modification and it enables consumers to choose products or make selections using personal mobile devices. During the process, there is no contact between customer and vending machine, and it eliminates customer’ health risk.

We hope this could help with restoring consumer confidence and help the vending industry to recover from the impact of the COVID-19.

About Vending on Track Pty Ltd

Vending on Track Pty Ltd is an Australia vending technology provider. For more information about Vending on Track and its product lines, please visit

(1) Study suggests new coronavirus may remain on surfaces for days National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services 

(2) Patent Applied for