Amazon Opens First Amazon Go Grocery, A Cashier-less Grocery Store, Today In Seattle

Feb. 25, 2020

Amazon opened its first Amazon Go Grocery, a cashier-less grocery store, this morning in Seattle, Q13 Fox reported. Customers scan a QR code on an Amazon Go app on their smart phone, do their shopping and walk out, having paid for their purchases via their Amazon accounts, the article explained. The store, which is 7,700 square feet, carries local brands among its products, Q13 Fox added. Ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors track customers' selections of products, Reuters reported. The company has hired associates who will engage in customer service and stock shelves, Reuters added.

“Our goal is to be able to figure out how to be relevant for customers in whichever neighborhood that we’re in. If we do a good job, good things happen. If we don’t, we course-correct," Dilip Kumar, the company’s vice president of physical retail and technology, told Reuters when asked about profitability of Amazon Go Grocery.