Drink Coin, The World's First Cryptocurrency Backed By iDrink's Smart IoT Machine, And The Real Economy Of The Global Beverage Industry

Sept. 18, 2019

NEW YORK, NY, Sept. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- SUIC has entered into a joint venture agreement with iDrink to support iDrink in implementing strategic marketing alternatives globally that will provide new growth opportunities. Introducing Drink Coin, a new, innovative cryptocurrency backed by the real economy of the alcoholic beverages industry, soon to be launched by iDrink through its ICO in the coming year. 

Drink Coin is the world's first cryptocurrency uniquely backed by an operational enterprise of iDrink’s smart IoT beverage vending machines business. This enterprising model brings the cryptocurrency and alcoholic beverage industries together, adding more value to the Drink Coin, by way of the iDrink business operations that have already started in different locations around the world.  SUIC will be responsible for overseeing the marketing and sales of iDrink smart IoT beverage vending machines, operations of which will back the Drink Coin.

Consumers can buy beverages which are represented on the iDrink platform by Drink Coin utility tokens, each token storing all information about the beverage, using Drink Coin cryptocurrency. Beverage producers and sellers actively place their beverages on the iDrink platform for sale to the public and consumers anywhere in the world, providing delivery information programmed in the Drink Coin utility tokens. Consumers can exchange Drink Coin to any fiat or digital currency worldwide, or send Drink Coin to any place globally.

The global beverage industry is expected to reach an estimated $1.9 trillion by 2021 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 3.0% from 2016 to 2021, particularly beer, which is expected to remain the largest segment by value.

SUIC trusts that as a globally focused beverage partner, iDrink could deliver throughput, consistency and quality in all stages of production and delivery; and will have a consistent supply of iDrink products and services and could significantly boost the Drink Coin launch through iDrink applied blockchain technologies, allowing real time payment, flexible supply chain, and transparency for consumers and financiers all throughout the process.

About iDrink Technology Co. Ltd.

iDrink Technology Co. Ltd., Taiwan (“iDrink”) designs the iDrink Smart Vending Machine, for the global trillions-dollar beverage industry, utilizing cloud platform services that consoidate consumption data from beverage manufacturers and consumers alike, and uploading the data to its blockchain-enabled iDrink Smart Vending Machine. iDrink Smart Vending Machine is a beverage vending machine and a cryptocurrency mining machine, as well as an O2O digital currency ATM terminal.  iDrink Smart Vending Machine manages real-time inventory information, track fleet of beverage suppliers, offer myriad of data about its consumers’ habits and spending through a seamless cryptocurrency payment system, using business intelligence and analytics solutions with Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth and RFID tags.

iDrink Smart Vending Machine is the world’s first ever beverage E-commerce and social exchange platform, a smart IoT vending machine first-ever of its kind! iDrink will construct a O2O ecosystem by making available the iDrink tokens and coins to users worldwide. Thus, connecting its blockchain technology with the IoT through Bluetooth on smartphones and other devices. To learn more, please visit www.idrink.com.tw

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides Venture Financing and Blockchain services to five sectors including: “Logistics & Trade”, “Vehicle & Transportation”, “Finance & Coin”, and “Medical & Healthcare”, and a new addition, “Fintech.” The addition of the Fintech sector to SUIC’s Blockchain services includes a comprehensive update in which SUIC will build up its own internal capabilities by actively starting a Blockchain training program, developing a 3rd generation Smart Contract Blockchain under the SUIC brand, and using these capabilities to offer a comprehensive ICO consultancy. Shareholders of SUIC will be exposed to the diverse application of blockchain services in various parts of the economy. Additionally, existing and potential customers can benefit from this company’s diversified portfolio of technologies and consulting services in the four sectors. As one of the first publicly traded technology companies, SUIC serves as an innovative leader by integrating these five sectors. To learn more, please visit www.sinounitedltd.com

Forward-Looking Statement

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