C-Stores Eye Mobile Payment And Personalized Rewards

Nov. 27, 2018

Convenience stores are upping their loyalty offerings with the help of mobile payment provider ZipLine and Koupon Media, a promotions provider for large consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, writes PYMNTS.com. ZipLine is after the grab-and-go consumer, looking to offer a combined rewards and payment solution. It includes CPG-funded promotions as well as the ability to pay – all with one app. It also allows for data mining so offers and rewards can be extremely personalized to the user, making them more relevant and the user more engaged.  

Editor's Insight: As C-stores get better at appealing to Millennials (and catching up to how this industry already uses mobile payments and promotions in a micro market setting) competition will be even more fierce. Operators needs to stay ahead of these off-site convenience competitors in offering frictionless payments and targeted promotions.