Mars COMBOS Launches Web Series For Crazy Flavor Combinations

Oct. 3, 2012

Over the years, COMBOS® fans have suggested outrageous flavor combinations for the COMBOS snack, such as pickles and ice cream, ketchup and eggs, or jalapenos and habanero. Now the brand is putting these wild and wacky taste combinations to the test in “The COMBOS® Files,” an interactive Web video series hosted by celebrity chef Graham Elliot and featuring a variety of celebrities taste-testing flavor pairings to determine what flavors are bad combos and which are good COMBOS®.

The series, which airs weekly on the COMBOS® Facebook page, will follow Elliot as he creates and rates fan-submitted flavor combinations alongside an all-star team of celebrities, including pro football players Devin Hester and Robbie Gould, WWE® Superstar CM PUNK and WWE® Diva Eve Torres, and professional NASCAR® driver Kyle Busch.

“COMBOS® Snack fans are always sending ideas for new flavors, some of which look appetizing and some of which leave us scratching our heads,” said Ellen Thompson, marketing director, Mars Chocolate North America, in a prepared statement. “The COMBOS® brand continues to show its expertise in unique flavor combinations, so it was only natural that we finally put our fans’ ideas to the test and end these great taste debates, once and for all.”

The process poses a special challenge to Elliot, a renowned chef and operator of three celebrated Chicago restaurants. COMBOS® are everyone’s favorite cheese-filled pretzels, crackers and tortillas made with real cheese, but “The COMBOS® Files” will force Elliot to recreate the popular snack using a wide range of wacky ingredients.

“Chinese food combinations, dessert combinations, super spicy combinations – you name it, we’re going to try it,” said Elliot. “I’m really going to need to bring my A game into the COMBOS® Brand Taste Kitchen each and every time.”

Throughout the series, Elliot, the celebrities and fans themselves will help determine whether the fantastical flavor combinations are bad or good – a nod to the new “Bad combo, Good COMBOS®” advertising campaign that launched this summer. “The COMBOS® Files” captures the spirit of that campaign, but in an interactive manner that puts fans front and center to help drive original content.

Fans can view episodes and debate the results at And they can also follow the brand on Twitter at @Combos.