Betson Provides Supplies To Help Customers Reopen Businesses

May 22, 2020

Editor's note: Betson Imperial Parts & Services has launched new products to help customers reopen safely.

May 21, 2020 – As states begin to reopen, it’s important that game rooms have the tools to reopen safely and communicate with customers effectively. Betson Imperial Parts & Services has launched several new products to help with this process. 

“Our team is here to support customers through these new challenges, and we want to make sure we source the best products that can be used to keep customers safe,” said Richard Zayas-Bazan, President-Betson Imperial Parts & Services. “We’ve added some key products to help customers reopen as soon as possible and we’ll continue to investigate and execute best of breed resources to support our customers.”

FEC Safety Signage Kits

Signage and Decal kits to help communicate distancing procedures including Wall/Entry Posters, Game Floor Spaces, Sanitation Area Signage, Prize Counter Spacers and Game Sanitation Decals. These tools will help game rooms communicate safety precautions that are being taken to support customers. Signage and Decals can also be purchased individually. Learn more.

Be Protected Individual P.P.E Kits

 Everything you need all in one box. 

  • Heavy Duty 5 Ply Disposable Facial Mask With a Pliable Metal Nosepiece to Help Form a Better Fit. One Size Fits Most.
  • 1  -     3 Ply Disposable Facial Mask With a Pliable Nosepiece to Help Form a Better Fit. One Size Fits Most.
  • 3 - Hand Towelettes Anti-Bacterial Wipes with 70% Alcohol. Kills 99.99% of Germs.
  • 1 - Hand Sanitizer - Anti-Bacterial Gel with 62% Alcohol. Kills 99.99% of Germs.

Learn more.

BioCide 100

BioCide 100 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial EPA rated grade sanitizer effective against 99.9% of bacteria, fungi/mold, and viruses. Biocide can be used to wipe down arcade, gaming and vending equipment. Available as a quart or gallon. Learn more. 

Bob’s Space Racers Hands-free Sanitizer Station

Made in the U.S., the only surface a guest touches on the Hands-free Sanitizer Station is the foot pedal. The stations are built to hold a refillable gallon container that can dispense more than 600 pumps of sanitizing solution when full. The fully customizable station includes a large removable tray to prevent sanitizer solution from getting on the floor and allows for easy clean-up.

Betson Imperial Parts & Services

Betson Imperial Parts & Service provides real-time service and on-time shipping of parts and accessories for arcade games, vending, office coffee service, monitors, and more. With access to thousands of parts and over $8M in inventory, Betson can help service a wide range of equipment quickly so you can continue generating revenue with little downtime. Betson offers a parts purchasing website at so your team can purchase parts at any time with ease and convenience. 



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