Haribro releases new flavors, limited-edition shapes for 100th birthday of iconic Goldbears gummies

Feb. 10, 2022

The inventor of the first-ever gummi bear is kicking off 2022 by celebrating the 100th birthday of its original sweet treat, Goldbears.

Haribo will unveil several new varieties of Goldbears gummies for 2022, starting with a fun twist on the original with the addition of blue-raspberry flavored party hats for a limited time.

The candymaker will also release limited-edition single-flavor varieties in pineapple and blue raspberry, which will be available throughout 2022, with one additional new flavor innovation scheduled to release later this year.

To continue the celebration, Haribo will send four lucky Goldbears fans on a weeklong vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC, plus a year's supply of Goldbears. This sweepstakes will also include hundreds of prizes runners-up.


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