Advertising Service Providers Partner To Provide Advertising On Vending Machines

Dec. 20, 2011
Roadmark Mobile Media, a provider of outdoor mobile media services, has partnered with MB Media Brokers, a company that provides electronic messaging to vending machines.

Roadmark Mobile Media, a provider of outdoor mobile media services, has partnered with MB Media Brokers, a company that provides electronic messaging to vending machines. The two companies will custom develop on-machine advertising programs for vending operators, vending machine manufacturers and product manufacturers. The purpose is to give vending operators a way to earn some income from on-machine advertising. This service will be offered at no cost to the operator and on any equipment that the operator or hardware manufacturer chooses to use.

Roadmark Mobile Media has since 1990 provided display advertising on vehicles and outdoor locations, including vending machines. The company presently provides advertising for outdoor water vending machines in the U.S., noted Scott Campbell, owner and president.

Companies that have advertising on their machines will be able to run ads that are sold by Roadmark Mobile Media and MB Media Brokers, which would collect a portion of the proceeds.

MB Media Brokers retrofits vending machines with digital screens that run text messages of stock reports, public service announcements and world news stories, which are updated daily.  MB Media will continue to offer its proprietary news content and custom messaging capabilities to parties who would like to integrate this service into their advertising solution.  Vending operators can use screens from other companies and utilize the services of this new partnership, noted Dave Levine, owner of MB Media Brokers.

Vending operators with 100 or more advertising screens have an opportunity to gain some paid advertising, said Levine. “With industry margins under severe pressure and with looming nutritional labelling standards which will raise costs, we are offering an opt-in, no cost solution to offset these costs. Furthermore, we bring more combined experience in this field than anyone, which we hope will make operators and equipment providers more comfortable as they transition to a different revenue generation model, with product sales being the razor and advertising sales being the blade. While this may sound like a form of heresy, based on the margin figures we have seen for the industry, it will indeed be the case.”

Campbell said he and Levine will work on developing the best solution for companies that want to have some type of advertising on vending machines. Campbell said his expertise is in pressure sensitive, frame signage, static advertising where Levine’s expertise is in electronic messaging.

Campbell said his company has already provided panel advertising to some vending operators’ trucks. He said his company belongs to the National Automatic Merchandising Association.

MB Media Brokers has introduced a service whereby telemetry providers or large operators can sell advertising space on their machines and suitable display devices.  There will be no monthly fee for this opt-in service, and hardware providers can pay a small integration fee to have the MB Media’s proprietary news feed and text messaging service running on their devices.

“I believe that we are transitioning to a new era in vending”, said Levine.  “With the razor thin margins in our industry, as well as the looming nutritional labeling requirements, there is a need for a new revenue generator for our industry. Recently, we have seen many emerging technologies that will facilitate advertising, and now is the time for us to make the change to an advertising brokerage.  The content delivery service that we offer will help to keep advertising fresh, since it will be frequently updated. Our studies have shown that advertising that is dynamic is much more effective than simple static images, but I am going to let people choose what they want to do and help them do it, whether they want news content on their screens or not. There are early indications that display technologies will enjoy a growth trajectory equal to or greater than cashless or telemetry adoption in the next ten years. So the goal is to be a part of that by offering a hardware neutral advertising solution for anyone who would like to be involved and on any device that they would like to use.”

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