Cantaloupe offers accessible kiosk for micro markets

Feb. 15, 2023
“The 46” kiosk is ADA-height compliant and incorporates adjustable screen size and advanced audio assistance features.

Cantaloupe Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is leading the way toward accessibility in the industry with The 46 kiosk (The 46), developed by Three Square Market (32M), a recent acquisition of Cantaloupe Inc.

The 46 kiosk — named for its large 46-inch screen size — is fully compliant to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) height standards, with a button that drops the screen to an accessible height for individuals with mobility challenges or those in a wheelchair. The kiosk also features built-in speakers, an audio jack and braille overlay for blind and low-vision users. The 46 comes built into a custom cabinet fixture for a smooth and seamless look.

“Cantaloupe is committed to making our kiosks and platform more accessible for all, and we are excited to build on the accessibility work that 32M started,” Jeff Dumbrell, CRO of Cantaloupe Inc., said in the announcement. “For companies, accessibility can be the deciding factor for what type of kiosk to use in their space, and having one of the most accessible kiosks in the industry is a big differentiator for our customers when they are responding to RFPs. The 46 really is a game-changer.”

While Cantaloupe offers accessibility features on other kiosks, The 46 is currently the only kiosk in the micro market industry that has an ADA-compliant height button for wheelchair access. Additionally, the kiosk has fully integrated audio and visual accessibility features for those with vision impairments.

“Low-vision individuals and those with complete vision loss love The 46,” added Chris Ingram, an accessibility expert and founder of Argh Accessibility, a technology consulting firm that worked with 32M in creating The 46 and continues to work with Cantaloupe. Ingram is considered the foremost expert on technology for the visually impaired community, and he has been working for several years to ensure that all aspects of its self-service technology, mobile apps, kiosks and administrative software meet or exceed local, state and federal ADA requirements. “With training, we’ve found that high-level screen reader users can be as fast as a sighted person when using the kiosk.

“A lot of companies are interested in incorporating accessibility into their machines, but halt that work when they realize how much time and effort it takes,” Ingram continued in the announcement. “32M took the initiative to learn how a blind person used their kiosk and then took the time to implement what they learned. I’m excited to see how Cantaloupe will use that knowledge and make sure accessibility is embedded more easily into future products.”

Cantaloupe continues to build on its strong base of blind and low-vision operators, and The 46 is another product that meets those needs. For these customers, having accessible kiosks in their micro market locations also ensures they can successfully serve everyone, regardless of ability.

“The size of the screen is a large plus,” Patrick Martin, president and owner of Live Better Marketplace in Tallahassee, Florida, added in the announcement. “I have customers of all ages, and for anyone over 40, the large screen is just better for their eyes. It's also very easy for them to use.” Martin noted that while only a handful of his customers need the accessibility features, he himself has a central vision loss and is a Florida Business Enterprise Program (BEP) participant, so having an accessible kiosk is very important to him.

Other customers echo Martin’s experience with The 46. Jessie Brooks, who manages a micro market location serving 12,000 customers at the Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C., has had The 46 kiosk installed since February 2021. Brooks shared that customers have been able to use the kiosk easily, and she likes that it moves so that wheelchair users can also access the kiosk.

“The success we’ve had with The 46 illustrates how prioritizing accessibility in the product design process creates an overall superior experience for everyone. The team at Cantaloupe is committed to refining our accessibility features to continue supporting our customers' needs today and into the future,” Dumbrell added in the announcement.

To see a video of The 46 in action, go to:


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