MagTek DynaFlex Kiosk delivers secure payment for GrabScanGo’s managed hotel lobby markets

Jan. 13, 2023
MagTek and GrabScanGo announce collaboration between MagTek’s DynaFlex Kiosk and GrabScanGo’s self-checkout solution.

MagTek, a leading world supplier of secure payment technology, and GrabScanGo, a leading provider of managed lobby markets for hotels, announced the collaboration between MagTek’s DynaFlex Kiosk, a secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) that accepts EMV/NFC contactless, EMV Chip, and magstripe transactions, and GrabScanGo’s self-checkout solution.

A GrabScanGo-managed easy-to-use self-checkout market meets the needs of understaffed hotels, while meeting the growing receptiveness of guests to unattended markets. GrabScanGo designs and installs the self-service markets, sources and manages the products, and provides a self-checkout payment solution using DynaFlex Kiosk readers.

“MagTek has a variety of payment acceptance devices,” Wilfred Martis, co-founder of GrabScanGo, said in the announcement. “The crucial reason we selected the DynaFlex Kiosk was because it was very easy to integrate into our Android-based self-checkout solution. We determined that the DynaFlex Kiosk reader, coupled with Magensa Payment Protection Gateway, would allow us to deliver the most secure solution in the fastest amount of time. It was also very important in hotels that the solution be secure and look elegant.”

Built with the foundation of the MagneSafe Security Architecture, DynaFlex Kiosk delivers instant encryption, tokenization and authentication.

“In an unattended kiosk environment, you need readers to be secure and reliable,” Andy Deignan, global vice president of marketing and strategy, added in the announcement. “DynaFlex Kiosk, coupled with the GrabScanGo solution, delivers a sleek and secure form factor that gives guests the convenience, flexibility, and safety they need while freeing up hotel staff to handle other business needs.”

DynaFlex Kiosk is a MagTek SCRA that accepts a variety of transaction formats including EMV/NFC contactless, mobile wallets, EMV Chip and magstripe transactions. Its small form factor makes it ideal for unattended and countertop applications, and the kiosk model is perfect for integration into custom enclosures like the one used in the GrabScanGo product. DynaFlex Kiosk is rugged enough for unattended environments in a sleek form factor. When coupled with MagTek’s Magensa Services, integration is made faster since developers use the L3 certification.

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