Connecticut’s Automated Convenience Services Re-Brands As Legend Food Service

May 19, 2020
Legend Food Service
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Editor's note: Connecticut's Automated Convenience Services announces its new name, Legend Food Service, and new investments.

Introducing Legend Food Service 

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Shakespeare’s words question whether names really mean anything. But when something is transformed so fundamentally that its very nature changes, you need to call it something else. When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it earns its new name.

Connecticut’s Automated Convenience Services, a vending business with over 45 years of history, is now Legend Food Service. But it’s not just the name that’s different.

Legend’s CEO, Kyle Loughran, explains: “Our team has operated as Automated for many years, establishing strong roots under that name. We’re proud of that history and the solid relationships we’ve established with our customers and community over the years. But as the vending industry has evolved, we’ve grown our company into so much more. ‘Legend’ acknowledges that growth, with a nod to out legendary history. We still offer unparalleled service in the vending space. But micro-markets, coffee service, and office supplies are the wave of the future. We’ve invested heavily in these areas and are uniquely positioned to meet the growing need of our clients for a comprehensive solution that allows them to focus on what matters. They can now run their business and know that Legend will take care of everything else.”

Some of Legend’s new investments include a brand-new 12,000 square foot warehouse, remote monitoring software that tracks inventory in real time, a pick-to-light system that ensures the right products are always available, service call ticketing software to quickly address and resolve any issues that may arise, upgraded machines and micro-market fixtures to improve the customer experience, new trucks and equipment for improved reliability and efficiency, and many new products to provide more and better choices for clients and their employees.

Legend’s Director of Corporate Development, Nick Duda, adds: “Customization and execution are the keys to what we do. These days, nearly every operator can offer some level of markets, coffee, or supplies. But we have the technology, facilities, personnel, and experience to tailor solutions to our customers’ specific needs and to deliver what we promise. In addition to servicing your vending needs as we always have, Legend offers computerized break room design, customizable micro markets and coffee service for offices of every size, and an easy and cost-effective office supply pipeline. We know that one size does not fit all, and our approach allows us to understand and satisfy each client’s needs. No space is too big, small, or unique – Legend has a solution for any and every location and need. Our clients include schools, hospitals, government facilities, offices, factories, and everything in between.”

Legend also now offers touchless technology in both machines and markets. As Legend’s Director of Operations, Kevin Koehr, notes: “Recent events have shifted customers’ focus beyond convenience to include health and safety. Legend offers touchless technology that meets this need, allowing us to safely deliver the products our clients want. This includes the ability to convert any machine or market for touchless and cashless operation. Customers can now use their phones to make purchases, greatly limiting the physical interaction required. This delivers a level of comfort to customers along with the selection, service, and convenience we’ve always offered.”

General Manager, David Murphy, invites anyone seeking more information about the unique services Legend provides to contact him directly, saying: “If there’s any way we can better serve you, or if you’d like to learn more about office supplies, coffee service, micro markets, or vending, don’t hesitate to ask! We will find the perfect food, beverage, or facility services solution for you and your business.”

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