Accent Food Services Celebrates 1,000th Micro Market Milestone

Oct. 25, 2018

In 2011, Accent Food Services opened its first micro-market in Austin, Texas. Not only would this new platform open opportunities for Accent in how they engage their consumers, but it would pave the way for positive change in how the vending industry was viewed overall. The unattended retail concept is clearly a successful space for the operator, as they have celebrated their 1000th micro-market grand opening! 

“As an early adopter, the micro-market concept proves to be of great significance. Accent has positioned itself as one of the premier providers in the industry,” says Josh Rosenberg, President & CEO of Accent Food Services. “The scale of our operation has enabled our ability to invest in resources and key relationships that push our approach beyond the norm.” These key areas of scale include their own fresh food commissary, strategic partnerships, such as 7-Eleven, and in-house category management and insights. “We’re in this business to take care of our customers, and with rapidly changing needs and preferences, micro-markets allow us the ability to continually enhance our product offering and engage at a personal level.” 

With 1000 micro-markets under its belt, Accent has seen the advancement of progress within the micro-market concept over the last seven years. A variety of fresh food options, category expansions (such as protein bars, functional candy, and better-for-you), and technology have all helped drive improved consumer engagement and usage occasions. Additionally, lower cost technology has allowed Accent to reach more points of distribution with this solution. Not only do they utilize their own micro-market data, but the company’s strategic partnerships have allowed Accent access to an array of consumer insights. Through various data sources, case studies, and focus groups, Accent is able to hone in on the ‘Voice of the Consumer.’ “By listening to our consumers, it means we truly have crossed over from B2B product supply to a true B2C retail solution, while playing a leading role in the evolution of unattended retail solutions,” states Rosenberg. 

“Our future is strong as technology brings us closer to the point of purchase,” affirms Rosenberg. “We are very well positioned to be a preferred retail offering, due to our proximity, diverse portfolio, consumer understanding, and our direct route distribution capabilities.” Accent is on the forefront of continually enhancing the consumer experience, and technology will undoubtedly play a role in doing so. The operator also lives by the mantra that its people and its customers are its most valued assets. Rosenberg explains, “Every single day, there’s a lot of moving parts, people, and touchpoints to get one product to a consumer, and it’s not always going to be perfect. As long as we know we’re giving our best and thinking the best of each other, we’ll take care of our people, they’ll take care of our customers, and that’s the Accent Way!” 

Accent Food Services is a Pflugerville, TX based food service provider specializing in full-service vending, micro-markets, and coffee/pantry services across Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. At 28 years strong, Accent Food Services has grown to be one of the largest privately held operators in the nation. For more information, visit 


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