Three Square Market, Serenity Vending Open Micro Market In Illinois

June 13, 2013

Three Square Market and strategic partner, Serenity Vending, have opened their first micro market in Illinois at Alco Manufacturing in Machesney Park, Ill.  The Alco location will be the first of several micro markets Serenity will be operating under the Serenity Market brand name, powered by the Three Square kiosk technology. 

"We are thrilled to be taking this next step in our level of services to our clients" said Serenity President John Ward, in a prepared statement.  "The micro market provides Alco employees all of the foods and products commonly found in a convenience store right in their breakroom. Rather than losing that traditional convenience store sale of products normally not offered by the traditional vending machine option we provide, we now capture that sale and provide employees a fast and simple solution right in their workplace.  We couldn't be happier with how much this improves our services to our clients," added Ward.

Serenity is one of many new partners for Three Square Market, based in Hudson, Wis. Three Square Market offers proprietary self-checkout kiosk technology that has changed the micro market industry, according the company.  "What is a micro market? It is the number one question the public asks us," said Three Square Market Vice President Patrick McMullan.  "A micro-market is exactly what John Ward described, it is a convenience store at your workplace that uses a self-checkout kiosk.  We bring the convenience store to your work."  

While traditional micro market operators have focused on large employment settings, Three Square caters to employment settings of all sizes by offering multiple kiosk options including sites that can function using only their mobile phone if they choose, according to the company. "Our system was built off of our corrections kiosk system, TurnKey Corrections, and we replicated our in-house kiosk manufacturing process to drop the kiosk price by nearly 70 percent" added Joe Williamson, Three Square's national sales manager. "This opens the door to thousands of more locations for operators and long term clients such as Serenity. Add to it our robust reporting and inventory management features and we provide our partners a complete solution".  

Serenity is in the process of opening other Serenity Markets in northern Illinois. "Alco represents a change in our business and we look forward to building our Serenity Market brand for years to come in partnership with Three Square" added Ward.  "Our stellar reputation and their industry-best technology puts us at a whole new level of service and we look forward to the Alco employees enjoying their market for years to come."