“Operators Wanted” – Another Success Story

June 17, 2019

In this newsletter, there is an “Operators Wanted” box, a link that can open the door to an outstanding new business opportunity for micro market operators like Aaron Davis, President of JR Davis Vending.

Davis was pleasantly surprised when he was contacted by Steve Orlando, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features. “Steve told me that Fixturelite had a great location in my area that needed an operator to service them and of course, we were happy to help out,” said Davis, whose company has served central and southern Indiana for 37 years.

“We are serious when we advertise “Operators Wanted,” said Orlando. “Aaron’s first question was, “I’m grateful for the opportunity, but why us?”  Orlando said Davis Vending was the perfect choice based on the client’s requirements.

“We've been very successful connecting clients with the right operators,” said Orlando.

“The client started out as a grass roots, small company that is now huge, with a national presence. It was important to them to work with a smaller operator with a stellar reputation and a long family history in the business,” said Orlando. “We’ve been very successful connecting clients with the right operators. Sometimes, the best choice is a very large operator, but in this case, JR Davis Vending was the right fit.”

Fixturelite teamed up with Translucent, a micro market consulting firm headed by industry veterans Steve and Patty Closser, to provide immediate support for Davis Vending, ensuring that the project would be a success. 

“Everyone, especially the client, was very impressed with the Fixturelite design plan,” said Davis.

Using the Fixturelite Design Tool, Orlando developed and presented a three-phase design and installation plan to accommodate the client’s three stages of growth over the first twelve months of operation. “Everyone, especially the client, was very impressed with the Fixturelite design plan,” said Davis, who added that the location is growing right on schedule and performing beyond expectations.

Translucent was hands on every step of the way, providing significant support with technology, installation and product placement.  “Translucent was very professional and very helpful,” said Davis.  “They made the project very easy for us.”

Orlando said that Fixturelite’s reputation as a thought leader in micro market design has resulted in direct contact from potential clients who are seeking not only design guidance, but assistance in finding operators who can best serve their needs. 

“We truly enjoy being a micro market matchmaker of sorts,” said Orlando. “There is plenty of high-volume opportunity out there for operators who are committed to quality products, great service and a willingness to invest in a wonderful micro market, and a fantastic employee experience.”