Fixturelite Review: “The Best On The Market.”

Jan. 31, 2019

Steve Closser of Translucent, a micro market consulting firm, knows a great product when he sees it. Closser has worked with Fixturelite and their products up close. In the world of micro market fixtures and design, Closser calls Fixturelite products, “The best on the market.”

“If you are looking to provide an exceptional breakroom with quality materials and a total design concept, then Fixturelite is the right choice,” said Closser. “Fixturelite and his team are well ahead of the game - two to three years ahead of everyone else.”

“They clearly designed their fixtures with the operator in mind.”

- Steve Closser, Translucent

Closser said he can tell that Fixturelite has experience as an operator, because “they clearly designed their fixtures with the operator in mind. Their products are easy to assemble and take down when necessary,” he added. “The materials are quality.’

Translucent offers a broad spectrum of business coaching services for operators, usually initiated by micro market consulting. He sees the type of quality markets offered by Fixturelite as the coming norm. “Clients are becoming more focused on a total design concept, which is exactly what Fixturelite can offer.”

Additionally, Closser points to what Fixturelite is doing from a lighting standpoint. “Illumination is a very important part of a micro market and nobody is doing that better than Fixturelite,” he said.

Steve Orlando, an experienced Operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the industry’s leading supplier of Micro-Market retail displays, seating and design features, said he is humbled by Closser’s praise. “Translucent is doing some great things for operators out there and we are thrilled that Steve Closser appreciates our product and our attention to overall design,” said Orlando.

“From the very beginning, we have been focused on quality products at a fair price, with emphasis on design and customer experience that will allow our clients to maximize revenue and secure valuable accounts for many years,” added Orlando.