Virtual Reality from Fixturelite – part of a powerful one-two punch

Sept. 30, 2021

Any operator who has used the Fixturelite Design Tool will confirm that it is a powerful and helpful way to capture the attention of prospects when selling and designing a micro market. Additionally, the Fixturelite Design Tool allows an operator to engage clients, deeply involving them in the process of refreshing or redesigning a micro market, making it a rewarding and interactive experience.

Now, Fixturelite has gone one step beyond their much-celebrated design tool, with the introduction of the new Fixturelite Virtual Showroom. Yes – it is virtual reality – an opportunity for prospects and clients to truly immerse themselves in the micro market experience.

Experience the micro market

“Our focus has always been on helping operators deliver the ultimate breakroom experience to their clients,” said Steve Orlando, cofounder of Fixturelite, the industry’s leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. “With that goal in mind, the new Fixturelite Virtual Showroom allows operators in the micro market space to enable their clients to experience interacting with the displays, equipment and products in a Fixturelite marketplace – in-person or at a distance, using virtual reality.”

Like a micro market field trip

While the Fixturelite Design Tool gives someone the ability to design and make changes to the room as it is being developed, the virtual reality (VR) tool gives them the experience of walking through a market that is designed around your company’s brand. “It is like taking a field trip to an existing micro market location without leaving your desk and it allows the prospect to open cooler doors, pick up food and take it to a checkout - to see what it would be like to take their purchases to a space in the building -  to see what it's like to sit at a table and look at the view outside.  It truly gives them a virtual experience of the space that they intend to create with their micro market operator,” Orlando explained.

A one-two punch that delivers

The Fixturelite Virtual Showroom is part of a one-two punch that is delivered by micro market operators who work with Fixturelite. The salesperson would have access to the VR Tool through Fixturelite and when they are doing a presentation with their customer, they can start with the VR experience. (PUNCH NO. 1) After that, they can design the customer's specific break room space, working directly with the client, using the Fixturelite Design Tool. (PUNCH NO. 2)

Great time for a competitive advantage

According to Orlando, operators who have access to the VR Tool will enjoy an unprecedented competitive advantage. “Prospects are blown away by the VR Tool,” Orlando said. “This is expensive technology, free to our clients, that can be accessed on a desktop or with the use of Oculus VR goggles.”

“It is an impactful combination of tools that provides a competitive advantage for sales teams that implement it into their presentations.” he added.

"We think the timing for this technological advancement is perfect. The VR Tool allows our customers to stand out among their competition, refresh existing locations, and better meet the return to the workplace needs of today," Orlando said. "We will continue to innovate and tailor what we do to fit the needs of our customers. We benefit when our clients grow, and this is just another added value that comes from having a relationship with Fixturelite.”

Learn more about the VR Tool and the Fixturelite competitive advantage:


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