Design Tool Speeds the Sales Cycle

Oct. 28, 2020

For savvy micro market operators, it is no secret that using the Fixturelite Design Tool is a powerful way to captivate clients during sales presentations. When an operator combines the impact of the Design Tool with Fixturelite’s four highly successful, solution-oriented micro market Collections – the combination is unbeatable.

An accelerated approach

Selling a micro market can easily require a six-month sales cycle from beginning to end. The Design Tool is speeding the process dramatically for Fixturelite’s operator clients. One east coast operator reported that by using the Fixturelite Design Tool, his company was able to sell, plan and install a micro market account in less than two months, in the middle of the pandemic. Amazingly, the only time the operator  physically set foot in the location was on the day of installation. That is an accelerated approach!

“Some operators think of the Fixturelite Design Tool as a product with a singular purpose – design,” said Steve Orlando, Co-Founder of Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. “In reality, the Fixturelite Design Tool is also a powerful sales tool and we are happy to show operators how they can use it, in person or in a video conference, to sell more accounts in a shorter sales cycle.”

Client interaction

The interactive nature of the Fixturelite Design Tool is a particularly impressive feature. “With the design software and our fixture and accessory libraries, you can easily modify the design to reflect the client’s needs. It is a dynamic feature that allows you to interact with the client in a positive way,” said Orlando. “Operators tell us that this type of interaction is exactly what their clients want.”

As virtual sales meetings become even more prevalent, the value of the Design Tool only increases. Orlando believes that operators should be proactive about setting up such meetings. “It’s going to become increasingly more common, especially in the follow up process. Get out in front of it. Focusing on design and getting the prospective client engaged in the process will accelerate the sales cycle and put you in control of the account,” he said.

Collections come alive

Fixturelite’s highly successful Collections have taken the challenge out of shopping for a micro market solution.

The Essentials Collection – “Friendly and Fits Right In”

The Performance Collection – “Stylish and Welcoming”

The Executive Collection – “Majestic and Elegant”

Introducing - The “Off the Wall” Collection – “Sometimes you just need to spread out.”

All of the Fixturelite Collections are modular. They can stand on their own and can all be combined with other pieces from the same collection. “They can grow or shrink in size without waste,” said Orlando. “The flexibility of these units for serving a variety of client needs is tremendous.”

The Design Tool brings the Collections to life. “When you see the reaction from a customer as the Design  Tool shows them an immediate solution to their needs, optimizing the amenity, addressing traffic flow issues and employee safety concerns, right before their eyes in real time – that is when you realize how powerful the Design Tool can be,” he said.

Looking Good in 3D

Steve Closser, Co-Founder of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consultant, said he has seen the value of the Fixturelite Design Tool on multiple occasions, most recently, when used to showcase the new “Off the Wall” Collection. “The prospect can see how you can create a socially distanced traffic flow and a real shopping experience,” said Closser.

Closser notes that no retail store has everything pushed up against the wall. “It’s retail marketing 101 and the Off the Wall products by Fixturelite are a huge positive for operators who use them. Plus, they look very good in 3D on the Fixturelite Design Tool,” he added.

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