PayRange integrates PayPal and Venmo as funding sources within the PayRange wallet

Nov. 16, 2023
PayPal and Venmo are now available at PayRange-enabled vending and laundry machines in the U.S. and Canada, allowing operators to expand payment options.

PayRange Inc., the inventor and solution provider of a leading mobile payment app and hardware for automated retail, announced the integration of PayPal and Venmo (U.S. only) as funding sources within the PayRange wallet. PayRange's growing user base of over 7 million can now use PayPal and Venmo as a funding source to make seamless transactions at over 500,000 machines throughout the United States and Canada.

The addition of PayPal and Venmo as funding sources empowers operators to expand payment options while providing users with increased confidence and flexibility in their payment choices, fostering elevated sales potential and revenue growth. Simultaneously, users benefit from paying trusted platforms PayPal and Venmo while machine owners can accept these payment methods at no additional cost or updates.

Paresh Patel, founder and CEO of PayRange, said in the announcement: “Through this integration, Venmo and PayPal customers will gain the capability to effortlessly connect their PayPal or Venmo accounts with the PayRange wallet. By expanding our payment options, we continue to provide a user-friendly and hassle-free mobile payment experience, encouraging increased customer satisfaction and engagement.”

The addition of PayPal and Venmo funding options complement other methods already available in the PayRange app, such as credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, campus cards and EBT, and sign-in to hundreds of banks such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and US Bank.


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March 18, 2014
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