Consumer Trend: Textures

July 25, 2018

Texture has become the new fad among consumers, who want to see texture labels on packaging, according to Baking Business. Consumers have been popular the last few years, but now they are seeking texture, research at Mintel says. What’s trending is unique, textural experiences; those brands that described their product with textural qualities have a better chance of being bought by consumers than those that don’t. A third of global food and drink products with texture claims launched in the past year were described as crunchy, crispy, brittle or nutty, explained Lynn Dornblaser, director of insights and innovation at Mintel.  

“For products that make the claim that say something on pack about the texture, consumers are more likely to say they would buy those than products that don’t make a statement about the texture,” Dornblaser said. 

 The report shows that consumers are interested in a contrast with a multi-textural experience, Dornblaser explained.  

Packaged yogurt with mix-ins has gained traction as consumers seek multiple textures and new experiences.  

“There’s a lot of potential to look at a multi-textural experience more than just one texture in a product, to really talk about the mix of textures to make a product more interesting and really elevate that experience,” said Dornblaser.