Office Depot’s CompuCom Unveils Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending Solution

June 12, 2018

DALLAS--(NRF PROTECT BOOTH 333) – CompuCom Systems, Inc. (“CompuCom®”), a division of Office Depot, Inc., is a leading provider of managed digital workplace services that today launched its next-generation retail loss prevention solution, CompuCom Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending. The in-aisle, self-service vending solution produces higher product conversion without sacrificing customer experience for high-value items. This transformational loss prevention technology solution joins the CompuCom lineup of Digital Lockers and Vending. 

Retailers today face challenges in the management of high-value/high-shrink items. Loss prevention can hold a connotation of sales prevention, with items kept behind glass under lock and key and requiring retailers and customers to take multiple steps to get to them, impacting sales conversion. CompuCom Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending creates a seamless, simple process for customers, enabling them to purchase items of all sizes and price points right at the display. There is no need for tickets, tags or calling for staff, who must turn away from other customers to assist. Customers simply browse and buy their product directly at the point of purchase. 

The unit itself can become part of standard retail shelving and provides inventory management, replenishment triggers and integrated payment options. Products can be purchased and dispensed in about eight seconds – a much-improved consumer experience compared to other solutions on the market today. The sophisticated robotics and space-efficient modular designs can be configured to expand with a growing business and customized to support any brand and size of product, including electronics, perfume, bottles of wine and razor blades. The vending integrates into existing point-of-sale (POS) and retail payment systems. 

“Having worked with seven of the top 10 U.S. retailers, we’ve learned quite a bit, both about what they need and want, and what makes customers the happiest,” noted CompuCom Chief Product Officer Ken Jackowitz. “Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending holds massive potential across retailers to increase user and customer satisfaction and transform the in-store customer experience. It’s a minimal overhead, maximum ROI solution that quickly pays for itself in both labor and shrinkage savings, as well as higher conversion rates.” 

Analytics and Integration 

CompuCom Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending can capture all user interactions to create and deliver custom reports and data analytics, which are then used for marketing and/or process improvement purposes. In addition, the solution can be integrated with any backend system the customer requires, from IT ticketing systems such as ServiceNow®, to billing systems that track employee purchases. 

Additional features of CompuCom Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending: 

  • Subscription model pricing: No up-front purchase required – monthly fee includes device, support and services. 
  • Payment and access: Multiple options, including NFC® tap to pay, EMV/chip card, PIN, ID badge swipe and more. 
  • Simple system management: Custom user interface development to accommodate customer needs and enable self-management. 
  • Self Healing Technology: Retail AI designed to identify potential issues and rectify them before a failure occurs. 
  • Fully managed and supported: CompuCom’s field workforce of 6,000+ certified technicians cover 95 percent of zip codes in North America. 
  • Custom reporting dashboard calling out retailers’ key performance indicators. 

CompuCom Point-of-Purchase Digital Vending services are available now. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-350-8430. 

About CompuCom 

CompuCom Systems, Inc., a division of Office Depot, Inc. (NASDAQ:ODP), provides end-to-end managed services, technology and consulting to enable the digital workplace for enterprise, midsize and small businesses. Celebrating its 30th year, CompuCom offers clients individualized experiences, drives workplace collaboration and productivity, and delivers operational performance and efficiency. For more information, visit