trücup Partners With National Coffee Roaster And Distributor To Bring Low-Acid Coffee To Institutions And Consumers Nationwide

Sept. 16, 2014

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--trücup, a revolutionary low-acid coffee company, announces its nationwide distribution partnership with Boyd Coffee Company.

trücup is the first-of-its-kind coffee in the United States. Using a patented all-natural water and steam process that reduces acid, trücup is the ideal coffee option for the 20-60 million Americans who experience gastrointestinal issues on a regular basis. Additionally, it is a great cup of coffee — smooth, easy to drink and with all the caffeine of regular coffee.

trücup carefully selects premium Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. Then, its all-natural patented process reduces the irritating acids that can cause heartburn and indigestion while leaving all the flavor and aroma intact.

“We see trücup as a new, third category of coffee: regular, decaf and low-acid,” said Andy Gomes, vice president of trücup coffee. “Not only is trücup easier on your stomach, it also tastes great, too. We wanted to bring an extraordinary new coffee to the marketplace that fills a new niche, and trücup is just that coffee.”

trücup is unique in that it specifically targets and reduces the acids that can irritate your stomach. In fact, trücup’s light roast is up to 4.6 times less acidic than leading national brands.

“Boyd’s is thrilled to partner with trücup coffee,” said Jeffrey Newman, President and CEO. “As a family-owned company since 1900, we are extremely selective about who we partner with. We made this agreement out of pure respect for one another’s companies and our mutual belief that everyone deserves an excellent coffee experience, including those with sensitive stomachs. We are excited to be the first company to bring this unique product to foodservice customers across the country.”

trücup is offered in three roasts to foodservice accounts (marked below with*) and six blends to consumers via Amazon.

-- Mild Roast

 Born to Be Mild


-- Medium Roast

Stuck in the Middle*

-- Bold Roast

Heart of Bold*

-- French Roast

Dark as Night

-- Espresso Blend

You’ve Got A Blend

-- Decaf

Fake It to the Limit (which is not low-acid )*

trücup is marketed and distributed nationally. Distributor Boyd’s Coffee can be reached at 800-545-4077 or [email protected]. trücup is also available on

About trücup coffee

trücup roasting company launched its first product line in 2012. A third category of coffee, trücup’s low-acid coffee can be a great option for individuals who experience gastrointestinal issues. The all-natural, patented process uses only water and steam to greatly reduce the irritating substances but leaves in all of the aroma, taste and caffeine. trücup is available in six different blends including light, medium, dark, espresso, French roast and decaf. To learn more, visit

About Boyd Coffee Company

Boyd’s Coffee® believes that everyone deserves a thoughtfully sourced, skillfully roasted and properly brewed cup of coffee. Boyd’s was founded in 1900 in Portland, Oregon, and has a long history of providing excellent coffee, tea, and hot and cold beverages.


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