Minus Forty Technologies On The Forefront Of Vending Industry Innovations

Aug. 15, 2014

After introducing the first dual functional, NAMA approved health timer, Smartlock, Minus Forty Technologies introduces a cold plate storage unit for vending route trucks.

Minus Forty Technologies, in its tireless efforts to help vending operators, has introduced a cold plate storage unit that bolts directly to truck floors with no requirement to connect to a vehicle's electrical system. Powered by a self-contained system, the storage unit plugs directly into a 120 volt receptacle at night and left to recharge. The storage unit pulls down to  -25 F in an 8 hour span and holds that temperature for 14 hours the next day while the truck is on its deliveries with no power requirement. With no need for rebuilding or redesigning the delivery truck box, the storage unit is a cost effective way of providing an 8 cubic foot space for frozen foods and ice cream.

For more information, call Minus Forty direct. 905-702-1441 extension 103.


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Minus Forty Technologies Corp.

May 7, 2014
Minus Forty Technologies Corp. is a North American manufacturer of quality medium temp and low temp upright merchandisers.