MEI Receives The Silver Shingo Award For Operational Excellence

Nov. 11, 2013

MEI, Inc. announced that its manufacturing facility, MEI Queretaro MX, El Marques, located in Queretaro, Mexico was awarded a 2013 Shingo Silver Medallion. The award recognizes organizations that demonstrate strong use of tools and techniques, have mature systems that drive improvement and are aligning thinking and organizational behavior with the correct principles of operational excellence, according to the release.     

Award candidates are evaluated by the Shingo board of examiners who are comprised of a group of individuals who have been acknowledged for their accomplishments in the area of lean manufacturing and the Shingo principles. The evaluation is performed in the areas of safety, quality, cost, efficiency, customer satisfaction, associate engagement and social responsibility.

Earning the Shingo prize required engaging everyone from the MEI factory floor through corporate headquarters. A culture focused on continuous improvement and efficiency directly correlates to customer satisfaction by way of the ability to meet delivery, quality and product production commitments. The additional Shingo attributes regarding associate engagement and social responsibility, are perfectly aligned with key tenants of MEI’s mission statement. 

“We believe customers prefer to source their payment technology needs from a partner that not only exceeds their operational needs, but does so in a sustainable way,” said Tash Kassam, chief operations officer for MEI, in a prepared statement.

“Over the last twelve years, MEI has been on a journey to improve our operational processes through lean manufacturing and over the last three years, MEI has focused on the use of the Shingo principles to drive those improvements,” continued Kassam. “The end goal was not necessarily to win the prize, as much as it was to create a structured approach to operational excellence. Having begun the dedicated journey, our operations team decided to apply for the prize and were elated to see our dedicated efforts recognized.” 

A focus on sustainability and the Shingo principles will continue to guide the organization towards further improvements in manufacturing efficiencies. This commitment is especially important, as MEI finalizes the expansion of its Queretaro plant. Completion of an additional 60,000 square feet of storage and assembly lines is expected to finish in December 2013. 

MEI will be officially presented with the award at the 26th Annual Shingo Prize International Conference in May 2014.  


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