AirVote reaches 2,500 locations, including vending

July 19, 2021

AirVote, which provides a real-time mobile feedback platform, announced that it has reached a milestone of 2,500 locations in the United States and Europe. The company launched in December 2019.

The platform uses QR code stickers at business sites, including vending machine installations. Stickers have been placed on vending machines at airports, parks and zoos, where they allow customers to immediately communicate with operators about any issues.

One of the AirVote’s biggest customers in vending is the Ukraine’s Bestpresso. And a vending operator in Utah using the AirVote system made this video showing how it works.

While AirVote QR stickers are an ideal complement to a vending operation’s customer service outreach, it’s in public restrooms where they are mostly deployed.

“Whereas AirVote QR smileys can be effective in a variety of settings, we discovered that placing them inside a stall of a public restroom brings out the value from day one,” said AirVote cofounder Angelique Denneman.

“It is ironic that at the age when businesses are after the customers for their feedback, a public restroom is one place where customers take a quiet minute, often…let’s be honest, with a smartphone in their hands,” Denneman continued.

About 80% of customers form their opinions of a business by the condition of its restroom, Denneman pointed out.

That is especially true in the food industry. So AirVote put two and two together, and now in thousands of restroom stalls a customer sees three QR smileys with a question: “How clean is this restroom?”

Whether in a restroom or on a vending machine, an AirVote QR scan alerts a business about the conditions of its facilities or equipment – anonymously and privately. If the customer’s response is happy, it is routed to social channels. And critical feedback is routed internally.


[Photo: AirVote]
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