VBB Advisors announces new program for operators

Feb. 6, 2023
The VBB Exit Advantage program is designed to maximize selling prices for operators.

VBB Advisors, a leading business broker for the convenience services industry, announced a new program for operators, the VBB Exit Advantage, designed to maximize the selling price of their business. 

“The VBB Exit Advantage is a customized approach that emerged in 2022, created for a couple of very smart operators who recognized that if you want to maximize the selling price of your business, you need to take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to your exit plan,” said Mike Kelner, president of VBB Advisors. “It worked so well, we decided to make it the standard approach for any operator who wants to take the most professional route and ultimately, experience a business sale that will exceed expectations.”

Kelner pointed out that the VBB Exit Advantage is a $10,000 value, a tailored exit planning program, ultimately free to any operator who works with VBB Advisors on the sale of their business. “The operators who utilized the VBB Exit Advantage in 2022 were quite pleased with the ultimate result – a very successful sale of their business,” he added.

“Operators who choose the VBB Exit Advantage, do so with the understanding that you don’t sell your business with the flip of a switch. Our approach involves months of planning and careful analysis. It starts with a professional valuation to establish a baseline,” Kelner explained.

“After the valuation is completed, we ask, ‘Where do we want that valuation to be when we market the company and what do we need to do to get it to that point over the next 12 months?’ Then, we establish key benchmarks to enhance the value of the company along the way. For example, we need to have the financials cleaned up by this date. We need to cut certain costs and we need to raise prices at these locations by this date. We need to sell this many new accounts by this date,” Kelner said.

“The VBB Exit Advantage gives operators access to our team and our resources. That means quarterly calls to review the financials and periodic conference calls to discuss capital expenditures. We’re looking at every aspect of the business, positioning your company for sale. The VBB Exit Advantage sets the table for prospective buyers with steps that will make your business as desirable as possible. It works,” he added.

For more information, Mike Kelner of VBB Advisors can be reached at (704) 942-4621 or [email protected]


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